David Foster Wallace's Commencement Speech

February 11, 2021

David Foster Wallace is one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation despite his relatively brief life, and his commencement speech remains one of the main ways people discover his work.


November 12, 2020

We raised our Series A in June of 2020. Given the state of the world, we used extensive notion documentation to highlight our market opportunity, product strategy, and technical moat.


November 12, 2020

Use our job descriptions as guide for your own open roles. We've also included department expectations, which are especially helpful for interviews and onboarding.

Project Management

November 12, 2020

Templates for running meetings, tracking work, and submitting feedback all on Notion. Learn more about our pod structure and how it's organized in the All Work Database.


November 12, 2020

Take a peek at our go-to-market strategy and brand guidelines, as well as templates for RFPs, design specs, and project outlines.


November 12, 2020

Save time onboarding and avoid making the same mistake twice. Check out how our team structures tech specs, tackles bugs, and runs A/B tests.


November 12, 2020

Docs for new hires, the leadership team, and beyond. Learn how we organize our org chart, structure our culture book, conduct 1-on-1s, and more!

Between the World and Me

October 29, 2020

A national correspondent for the Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about issues at the intersection of culture, politics, and social issues. He is also well-known for other works in addition to Between the World and Me, including The Beautiful Struggle and We Were Eight Years in Power. Fun fact: Coates is also the head writer of the new iterations of Black Panther comics!



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