Creative Ops

Creative Operations, or Creative Ops, is the work of finding, approving, and sharing content. It's the people, the processes, the tools. We help you optimize it.

  1. Creative and Marketing teams clashing? These tools can help

    If your creative and marketing teams are clashing, don’t start finger-pointing: Blame your legacy...
  2. Why on-asset feedback is a must in creative work

    Delivering creative feedback is only difficult because you let it be. Fix that with on‑asset...
  3. How to give better feedback: Show and tell

    How people who lack a full vocabulary and knowledge of visual work can better translate their...
  4. How Dropbox hurts your marketing strategy (and how to break free)

    Dropbox is actively hurting your marketing strategy by wasting your team’s time. Read on to learn...
  5. How to filter your content library to find gold (literally)

    Just storage isn’t enough anymore. With businesses scaling content production at an exponential...
  6. How to keep track of asset approvals without a spreadsheet

    Easily switch to an asset approvals workflow centered on the assets themselves, no spreadsheets...
  7. Air’s Creative Operations Manifesto

    A Creative Ops System automates all the tedious operations work in the creative process. It’s the...
  8. Why image management is essential (and how to do it right)

    Image management is similar to digital asset management (DAM), except instead of dealing with a...
  9. What is a digital asset manager? (And do you need one?)

    A digital asset manager is responsible for curating, organizing, documenting, cataloging,...
  10. Image Tagging Software Cover Image

    Why image tagging software is essential to a productive creative workflow

    Image tagging software simplifies the process of finding image files to save you time.
  11. Digital Rights Management

    Digital rights management (DRM): What it is and why you should care

    Learn more about digital rights management and why it’s vital to protect your intellectual property.
  12. Social media image sizes

    Social media images sizes for the most popular platforms [2021]

    Use this guide to social media image sizes to make sure your social media photos are optimized...
  13. Nail your next marketing campaign with this creative brief template

    Ready to get started on a new creative project or campaign? Use this creative brief template.
  14. Finding the right graphic design freelancer

    How to find, hire, and work with graphic design freelancers

    A guide to bringing in outside help, specifically graphic design freelancers.
  15. The Agency Directory: Democratizing the search for the perfect agency

    Take your brand to new heights. Find the right agency for you.
  16. Creativity vs control: Can they co-exist? (We think so!)

    Successfully lead your team by finding the right balance between creativity vs. control.
  17. The project proposal template that will help you win your next design job

    Need to create a design proposal? Get started with this project proposal template and expert tips.
  18. A hand successfully navigating the winding path of a creative workflow

    How to define and streamline a creative workflow

    Learn the steps and tools necessary to build and streamline a creative workflow.
  19. Important Google Drive pros and cons to know

    Is this popular cloud collaboration solution the right one for you?
  20. Social media asset management 101: What you need to know

    Learn more about social media asset management and discover solutions to keep your assets organized.
  21. 4 common design challenges + how to solve them

    Learn tips to overcome common design hurdles from the Air team.
  22. A group of digital assets floating in the clouds

    Digital assets: Everything you need to know

    Learn about different kinds of digital assets and how to utilize them.
  23. Content collaboration: 5 tools to improve your workflow

    Brand-elevating content isn't produced in a silo. It takes a team.
  24. smiling face, commenting, star ratings

    How to give feedback and influence (creative) people

    Learn processes and tools to give better creative feedback.
  25. like, Instagram post, and a box

    How to manage social media assets

    A guide to managing every piece of your social media presence.
  26. Cat in a Dropbox

    Dropbox pros and cons you need to know

    Explore pros and cons to see how Dropbox stands up against competing platforms like Air.
  27. The Air-approved guide to the creative process

    Does the creative process feel abstract and daunting to you? Follow Air’s five-step guide.
  28. Content management header

    Content management for creatives: A guide

    Content management is the way you store, organize, and share content. What's best for your workflow?
  29. Dropbox vs. Google Drive: Which should you choose?

    When it comes to Dropbox vs. Google Drive, which is the best cloud storage service? Get a full...
  30. an image of a hand asking fro help

    Should you give a damn about DAMs?

    Want to make sure your digital assets are organized and easy to access? Find out if a digital...
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