Make the creative process easier with clean storage, sharing, and feedback


Best-in-class feedback capabilities for visual assets. Version stacks, precise commenting features, and permissioned share links make your workflow easier.

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The top creative teams use Air

designed to send team productivity soaring

Save time by uploading or downloading content from your local device to your Air Library — without ever having to open your browser. With real-time sync, you can be confident that you are always accessing the most up-to-date content.

Air is the Creative Ops platform for visual assets

designed to send team productivity soaring

Flexible Annotations Select an area, drop a sticky note, or leave pencil markups for clearer, faster feedback. Timestamp commenting Attach comments to exact frames on video assets — use with annotations for 4K-level communication clarity.

Quicker feedback process

Air is the Creative

Utilize in-platform commenting, markup tools, and file versioning for a faster and more efficient feedback process.

Smart search, smart tags, and versioning

Air is the Creative

Smart tags, custom fields, and precise search save you countless hours on organization. Also features versioning, storage, and more — all on the cloud.

Unified brand experience

Air is the Creative

Keep the whole team aligned on brand guidelines, logos, and all other visual aspects of your brand.

Upload and sync large files

Air is the Creative

Upload, sync, and preview large files, including 4K video. Less time spent uploading and downloading means more bandwidth for actual work.

Scale and accelerate content creation

Air is the Creative

Store and organize reusable design components and assets. Air's efficient creative review tools empower your team to easily achieve rapid, scalable content creation.

Customizable visual presentation

Air is the Creative

Present your work exactly how you want it to be seen. Air's clean interface can be customized with configurable views so collaborators see exactly what you want them to.

"I can't think in Dropbox, I can think in Air."

Creative Director @ The Infatuation

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