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Smart Search
Find exactly what you're looking for

Navigate your workspace like a search engine. Built-in features like image recognition and smart tags enable anyone on your team to jump in and locate assets all by themselves.

Search for assets the way you think

To find anything on Dropbox, you need to know the folder structure. Air was built with everyone in mind, from power users to newbies.

Spend less time manually tagging
Smart tags are automatically added upon import thanks to image recognition technology.

Search with keywords
Can't remember where an asset lives? No worries, those smart tags let your team search photos, illustrations, and even gifs!

Locate assets quickly
Narrow down your results with filters for colors, file types, uploaders, and more.

The hunt for lost files is finally over

Increase productivity and save time with features that'll make you say, "Why hasn't it always been like this?"

Bookmark your favorites
Easily access files and boards you use frequently, like logos and team photos.

Add your non-visual files
Perfect for projects with additional docs, sound files, and spreadsheets.

Auto-play preview on hover
Assets like gifs and videos play automatically as you mouse over them.

"My social and digital marketing teams can find assets without slowing down our designers. They're always in awe at how fast and reliable it is in comparison to our old Dropbox"

Matt Michaelson
Co-Founder and CEO @ Smalls

Plus, all the other stuff you’d expect

Custom labels for projects and approvals
Titles, descriptions, and captions
Multi-select for batch actions
Filters for date, color, file type, and uploader

See how else Air supports your creative process

Visual Workspace

Polished and practical UI lets your content shine

Stop hiding your assets in folders and zip files. Plan social media posts, create lightweight presentations, and organize your content in a workspace that reflects your brand.

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Seamless Collaboration

Collect, review, and approve content

Now the only painful part of the feedback cycle is the feedback. Create public boards and allow guests to upload directly into your workspace. Leave comments, have discussions, and make selects with context.

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Flexible Structure

Limitless possibilities for different workflows

One tool, infinite use cases. Track new changes and clearly identify the latest asset version. Keep all of your relevant project files close by — MP3s and CSVs welcome.

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