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We raised our Series A in June of 2020. Given the state of the world, we used extensive notion documentation to highlight our market opportunity, product strategy, and technical moat. While our analysis may not be directly applicable, we hope the templates can help you organize and present diligence materials to investors down the road.

Series A (Allocation Work)

Managing the closing process is a delicate dance. This table helped us map out all of the participants in our new round and the documentation that needed to be signed by existing members of our cap table.

Air Diligence Materials

Additional details on Air's positioning and growth plan. It touches on the four pillars of our business: product, growth, engagement, and operations.

Product Strategy

A breakdown of the customer journey and workflows for each available plan. This document also includes the product roadmap used to track new features and evaluate progress.

Total Addressable Market

An evaluation of our market opportunity using two different approaches: top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.

Series A Conversations

Framework to organize information about target lead investors and their status.

Data Request

Additional details around engagement, retention, and accounting in response to investor FAQs.

Our Customer

A comprehensive description of our customers, existing and future, and the businesses to which they belong.

Media API

Information around Air's proprietary cloud infrastructure. How we ingest, store, and serve media at an industry altering speed and price point.

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