Do you really need a DAM? We don't think so. Save some cash and start a new life on Air.

We don't believe in restrictive long term contracts or complicated migrations.

Why are teams saying goodbye to DAMs?
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    Messy, long term contracts This traditional enterprise software category is pitched to executives over a 6 month sales process. Contracts have a number of bells and whistles, and there are massive fees for onboarding and "advising" sessions. Products cost $50,000 - $500,000 / year with up to 3 year contracts?!

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    Miserable migration processes Choosing a DAM and negotiating the contract are just the beginning. Next comes the 12-week long migration and integration process just to move your content. After all of that, you end up with a product that everyone hates using and avoids at all costs.

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    Software for Nana and Papa Many of these products don't have mobile apps. They were built in a legacy world for legacy teams that don't think about the growing uses of content throughout your organization. Simply put, a DAM is not solutions-oriented.

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Floating assets on a blue background. Logo, packaging, product shots.
Brand Guidelines

Stop using the wrong image

Your company rebranded in 2018 but someone keeps using the old logo in emails and sales decks by mistake. Take control of your brand with permissions that protect your least creative team members from themselves.

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Example boards for that show off how a team might plan their content calendar or organize content for a new campaign.
Content Strategy

Show them what you mean

Maybe you don'talways need to create a deck. Develop and share lightweight presentations in Air to bring your most creative ideas to life without the hassle.

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"Old school, locally installed, database-like legacy DAM software, is dead."

Chris Hall
Former CEO @ Bynder (they built a DAM!)

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