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We don't believe in restrictive long term contracts or complicated migrations. Teams love Air because they can search, trade feedback, and share assets all in one visual-asset-first user interface.

The best DAM software isn’t even a DAM. Do more (for less) with Air

designed to send team productivity soaring

No messy, long term contracts This traditional enterprise software category is pitched to executives over a 6 month sales process. Contracts have a number of bells and whistles, and there are massive fees for onboarding and "advising" sessions. They can end up costing $50,000 - $500,000 / year with up to 3 year contracts?! With Air, getting started is easy and affordable with flexible plans that scale with you. Smooth migration processes Choosing a DAM and negotiating the contract are just the beginning. Next comes the 12-week long migration and integration process just to move your content. After all of that, you end up with a product that is difficult to use. With Air, transferring your content takes minutes. Migrate your content from anywhere and watch it become instantly organized with smart tags and image search. Modern Software DAMs were built in a legacy world for legacy teams that don't think about the growing uses of content throughout your organization. Air was designed for modern brands with powerful features designed to make organizing, finding & collaborating on content fast, easy, and automated (at a price point that makes sense).

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Expansive file type support
Pricing transparency
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designed to send team productivity soaring

Flexible Annotations Select an area, drop a sticky note, or leave pencil markups for clearer, faster feedback. Timestamp commenting Attach comments to exact frames on video assets — use with annotations for 4K-level communication clarity.
It’s a game-changer as far as how much easier it makes everything. So we’re definitely in it for the long haul.
Chris Sharpe
Find What Feels Good
We switched to using Air and it’s literally the biggest productivity boost in our creative pipeline.
Jason Wong
Founder, Doe Beauty
Air’s board system is easy to use, the drag-and-drop features are a dream, and the one-to-many approach allows everyone on our team to use their own systems for organizing.
Alex Greene
Website & Email Specialist, The Little Potato Company

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designed to send team productivity soaring

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