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creative approvals

Use custom fields to speed up your editing and distribution processes. Track approval status, make selects, assign tasks — whatever works for your team.

Work async, right on the content itself

designed to send team productivity soaring

Custom fields allow you to structure any process your workflow requires, including making selects. Keep your entire team on the same page. You can practically make selects in your sleep.
  • Custom fields

    Set custom fields for anything: DRM, task assignments, date, select ratings, you name it.
  • Find approved assets instantly

    Search your workspace by any custom field value — filter your entire library to see only your best assets. Even sort by approval date.
  • Public boards

    Need approval from external collaborators? Set permissions on a public board to allow guests to change any custom field. Perfect when you're working with a client.

When we do branded content and shoots, we deliver the shoot, make selects, and push for client approval directly in Air. It's very prevalent in our partnerships business.

Nick Bilardello Creative Director @ The Infatuation

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designed to send team productivity soaring

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