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It takes a village to build and maintain a beloved brand. Strategists, creatives, leaders, customers — everyone plays a part. We go deep on what it takes to win.

  1. On Brand No. 9: What does it take to run a Pride campaign you can be proud of?

    Issue No. 8 of On Brand, our bi-weekly newsletter where we vibe out on the wide world of brands....
  2. How brands like Airbnb built winning campaigns on tight budgets

    As long as your brand can build and maintain an engaged community, you can leverage that...
  3. How to define your brand: 4 core strategies for success

    Here are 4 key strategies that will help you define a resonant, successful, and long-lasting brand.
  4. On Brand No. 8: Meet Gefen Skolnick, coffee's Chief Gay Officer

    Issue No. 8 of On Brand, our bi-weekly newsletter where we vibe out on the wide world of brands....
  5. Brand building: How Notion leverages context, clarity, and community

    Notion is able to sustain the success of their brand-building efforts because they’ve embraced...
  6. How performance marketing strengthens brand strategy — and vice versa

    Brand marketing works, but it's difficult to quantify. Performance marketing helps you scale...
  7. How to test and track Facebook ad creative at scale in e-commerce

    Facebook is a great place to run your ads, but how do you know if your ads are as effective as...
  8. How to get your social media budget approved: Use the best engagement metric

    Social media rules the world. Globally, 56.8% of the population (aged 13+) is active on social...
  9. Air's Ultimate Guide to Branding

    We've done the work so you don't have to. Explore 20 articles that'll teach you everything you...
  10. What is a Brand Manager? And why are they important?

    In order for a company or organization to stand out from their competitors, developing and...
  11. The only branding checklist you'll ever need

    We’ve created the ultimate branding checklist for designers, marketers, and other branding...
  12. Use this branding questionnaire for your next project

    Gather all the necessary information from your client so you can understand their brand identity...
  13. Want to learn more about branding? Take these 8 top branding courses

    We've put together a list of our favorite branding courses for those looking to go beyond the...
  14. 5 bold branding fonts to inspire your next project

    Explore some of our favorite branding fonts with examples from some of your favorite brands.
  15. How to build an authentic brand, with Kevin Lee of immi

    We sat down with Kevin Lee, CEO and Co-founder of immi, to talk fostering community and building...
  16. Branding vs marketing: Which one is more important? (blog cover)

    Branding vs marketing: Which one is more important?

    The terms branding and marketing are often used interchangeably. While the two do work in tandem,...
  17. A freelance graphic designer considers her options.

    Freelance graphic design pricing: How to set profitable rates for your services

    Use this freelance graphic design pricing guide as a starting point for setting your rates.
  18. Brand Glossary cover image: Board, Brand, Asset, Slogan, Tagline, Hello

    The Brand Glossary

    Get up to speed on definitions for 75 common marketing and branding terms.
  19. Brand Consistency cover image

    Brand consistency is more important than ever — here's why

    Learn what brand consistency means, why it's so crucial, and how to achieve it.
  20. "Non-profit marketing tips" and an image of Mary Power

    Non-profit marketing tips with Robin Hood’s Creative Director

    How Robin Hood's Creative Director Mary Power creates effective marketing campaigns.
  21. Someone is holding up a digital branding board

    How to build a branding board

    A primer on how to create and best utilize a branding board, to be used as a single source of...
  22. Slogan vs motto (vs tagline): The ultimate branding showdown

    Do you know the difference between slogan vs motto? What about taglines? Find out how slogans,...
  23. Speaking to your target audience

    Audience development: What it is and how to do it

    How to create and execute an audience development strategy.
  24. Tips to elevate your brand from a real Air customer

    Learn branding tips from the best in the biz. Our conversation with Charlotte Cooper, the...
  25. Rebranding? Use these branding ideas for inspiration

    Use these four iconic rebranding pivots as inspiration when working on your own rebrand or refresh.
  26. 15 famous logos we love (+5 we don't)

    Find out why we love these famous logos to inspire your own logo design process.
  27. 35 branding quotes to inspire your next design project

    Stuck? Need some inspiration? Here are our favorite branding quotes for when you need a little...
  28. Why every business is a media business

    All modern businesses need visual content to sell their brand.
  29. Why you need brand values (and how to create them)

    Does your business have documented brand values? Brand values are a core part of your branding....
  30. An image of Brand experience with a flying bird and many hands.

    What is Brand Experience?

    What exactly is Brand Experience and why is it so important? Hint: it's the combination of brand...
  31. User-generated content: A valuable tool in your branding arsenal

    User-generated content helps you build trust with potential customers while highlighting your...
  32. Image of hand holding an umbrella

    Rebranding: What you need to know about revamping your brand

    Thinking about rebranding? Learn more about when to rebrand and what that process looks like...
  33. an image of a hand looking at you

    Brand guidelines: the secret weapon behind memorable brands

    Do you really need brand guidelines? Yes, you do. Find out why you need a style guide and how to...
  34. Hire freelance creatives, recommended by brands you know and love

    NYC Creative Council

    Hire freelance creatives, recommended by leaders from brands you know and love.
  35. Documentation Made Easy

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 65+ Notion docs for early stage startups.
  36. What happens when brands go viral?

    Ocean Spray and Fleetwood Mac aren't the first. See which other brands have accidentally gone viral.
  37. What do SMMs actually care about?

    From visual identity to engagement, our Marketing Intern gets a lesson in social media strategies.
  38. On brand

    Why is content so important?

    A conversation with Lerer Hippeau's Director of Brand and Content, Natalie Sportelli.
  39. 1stagram

    A history of Instagram, from 2010 up to 2020.
  40. A map with the text "All brands on deck"

    Brand Guidelines Guide

    Browse our growing library of style guides from brands you love and learn how to create your own.
  41. On brand

    How did a basketball team become a social media powerhouse?

    A conversation with Duke Men's Basketball Creative Director, David Bradley.
  42. Are there language trends in branding?

    Follower vs Influencer. Logo vs Wordmark. See which marketing buzzwords are trending upwards 📈
  43. On brand

    Why is most branded content so bad?

    A conversation with Creative Strategist and fun human, Ben Rosen.
  44. An image of a map that shows all NYC DTC brands

    Support NYC DTC

    New York is home to some of the most beloved brands in the world. Help us support and celebrate...
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