Project management for your creative work

Kanban view

Assign statuses to your assets and visualize your progress with Kanban view. See your team move assets from ready for review, to needs edits, to approved. Plays nice with your existing project management tools!

Sync your project management tools to align on creative work

designed to send team productivity soaring

Traditional project management tools weren't built to handle granular visual content planning, production, and distribution workflows. Air works in tandem with tools like Asana and to organize the chaos of creative work.

  • Prioritize and assign editing work
  • Assign custom fields defining edit status to keep designers and editors aligned and on-task.
  • Create and manage content calendars
  • Organize assets by what day, week, or month you plan to publish them — maintain a clear horizon, optimized for distribution.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets!
  • Never touch an approvals spreadsheet again. In Air, everything you need to know about your content is attached directly to the asset.

Unblock creativity.

designed to send team productivity soaring

Everything you hate, we automate

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