Intuitive discussions
Direct feedback, right where you need it

Stop trading passive aggressive comments on email threads. Attach feedback to your assets, with precise annotation and timestamp capabilities — achieve clarity.

Delete mis-communication from the creative process

Discuss revisions and request changes clearly and directly, leaving no room for confusion, and avoiding lengthy feedback loops. Cure your workplace headaches with a single source of truth!

  • Annotation commenting
    Select and comment on exactly the part of an asset you want to address — "Could you make these more saturated?"

  • Timestamp commenting
    Attach comments to exact frames on video assets — use with annotations for 4K-level communication clarity.

  • Public commenting
    Share a public board with comments enabled to easily trade feedback with external partners.

  • Notifications
    Follow a board to receive email notifications anytime a teammate leaves a comment. No more "I forgot" excuses.

"Our feedback is finally in one place and boards make it so easy to share assets for approval. Game changer!"

Tess Allen
Social Media Manager @ Drink Bev

Every tool you need for creative reviews

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Precise feedback with annotation commenting
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Mobile and email notifications
Version stacks for structured revisions
Version stacks for structured revisions
Tie video comments to a particular timestamp
Tie video comments to a particular timestamp

Unblock creativity.

Everything you hate, we automate

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