Automate rights management (DRM)

Rights Management

Maintain a living record of whether or not your content has been approved for use, by whom, on what date, and for what platform — whatever you need to know.

Keep your team constantly up-to-date on what's approved and what's not

designed to send team productivity soaring

Stop tracking approvals in a dusty, bloated spreadsheet. Stop fielding emails and DMs about whether an asset is good to go. Track asset approval right on the assets, in your Air workspace.
  • Macro and micro capabilities

    Assign custom fields to assets or boards. Get granular or approve dozens (hundreds!) of assets in one swoop.
  • Public boards

    Need approval from external collaborators? Set permissions on a public board to allow guests to change any custom field.
  • Approval notifications

    Follow a board to receive notifications when any asset or comment is added. Maintain a bird's-eye view.

We use Air to share all of our creative. It's where we get permission, get approvals, and trade feedback both internally and with clients.

John Gross CEO & Co-Founder @ Fat Earth

Unblock creativity.

designed to send team productivity soaring

Everything you hate, we automate

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