Onboard Freelancers
Collect, review, and approve content

Create public boards to allow guests to upload directly to your workspace. Leave comments, discuss, and make selects in context. Onboard freelancers painlessly! Job done? Expire the link to remove access.

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Send and receive content in one centralized tool

To stay organized and save time, give partners access to specific boards in your workspace!

  • Collect content from guests
    Partners and freelancers can upload content directly into your workspace. Never lose a delivery in your inbox again!

  • Public boards
    Create a share link for any board and set permissions for comments, downloads, uploads, and versions. Even add a password, for peace of mind.

  • Conduct creative reviews
    Video timestamp and annotation commenting add precision to discussions on your content — close those confusing feedback loops.

Avatar of Lupii co-founder, Allie Dempster

"Our feedback is finally in one place, and boards make it so easy to share assets with our agency for approvals. Game changer!"

Allie Dempster
Co-Founder & CMO @ Lupii

Follow projects from start to finish

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Advanced link permissions
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Mobile and email notifications
Tie video comments to a particular timestamp
Tie video comments to a particular timestamp
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Custom permissions for guest collaborators

Unblock creativity.

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