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Google Drive invented instant document collaboration. Air just did the same thing for your content.

Brands love Air because they can search, ideate, collect feedback, and share in one tool.

Why are people switching from Google Drive to Air?

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    Everything is lost On Google Drive, no one knows where your stuff is and creative requests are a pain. On Air, everyone can find what they need, when they need it.

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    Too many tools When your images and videos are on Google Drive, you also need to use Vimeo, WeTransfer, Buffer, and dozens of other tools to collaborate. Air is all-in-one.

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    Partnerships aren't prioritized Google Drive permissions make it difficult to work with freelancers and agencies. Brands choose Air because they can seamlessly collaborate with internal and external partners.

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Collage of Air's search features
Creative Requests

Search the way you think

Bye bye broken links, slow interfaces, lost feedback, and confusing naming conventions. Air empowers your team to take an active role in brand experience (BX).

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An example of commenting in a workspace on Air
Creative Reviews

Feedback where you need it

No matter how far back you scroll in the chat, that note from last week's photo shoot is gone forever. Now you can pull together everyone's thoughts on the content itself so your brilliant ideas are never lost.

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Tess Allen avatar image

We still use Docs, but Google Drive was terrible for our creative assets. It's funny, Air is like Google Photos for our business. Night and day difference.

Tess Allen
Social Media Manager @ Drink Bev

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