Air is the best Google Drive alternative for visual assets

google drive VS air

Teams love Air because they can search, trade feedback, and share assets all in one visual-asset-first user interface.

Google Drive invented the cloud. Air rebuilt the cloud for visual assets.

designed to send team productivity soaring

Many teams are finding themselves producing more content than they can properly manage. Using Drive, files get lost in nested folders and creatives waste hours every day trying to find, share, and approve the right asset. Air makes managing creative assets easy with a clean and flexible workspace. Import your Google Drive library with a single click.

  • Find files faster with smart search and visual browsing
  • Secure sharing and flexible permissions help you collaborate with anyone, anywhere
  • Streamline workflows with easy progress tracking and feedback tools, and stay organized with automated version tracking

Compare features
Expansive file type support
AI-powered search & auto-tagging
Robust custom fields & tags
Automated version tracking
Duplicate detection
Version stacking
Timestamp comments on video
Freeform markups
Custom share links

What our customers are saying

designed to send team productivity soaring

Flexible Annotations Select an area, drop a sticky note, or leave pencil markups for clearer, faster feedback. Timestamp commenting Attach comments to exact frames on video assets — use with annotations for 4K-level communication clarity.
We moved from Google Drive, and integrated Air into our workflow the same day.
Justin Renard
VP Growth, Smalls for Smalls
I spent hours looking at tiny thumbnails in Google Drive. It is so much nicer to just look and know, ‘OK, I know what that is.’
Kaylyn Buckley
Marketing Manager, 305 Fitness
Our team has saved hundreds of hours managing creative assets at this point and I think our team would collapse if we had to go back to our rudimentary Google Drive or Dropbox system.
Kevin Lee
Co-founder, Immi

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designed to send team productivity soaring

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