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The below is a snapshot of sentiment surrounding inclusion at Air. The self-identification survey is meant to measure the degree to which our culture creates an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds can thrive. We chose to track our progress publicly to hold ourselves accountable.

💙 Our Strengths

We want employees to feel engaged and connected. That they belong. And that’s possible when they feel respected, valued, and free to bring their whole selves to work.

Our team had a lot to say about what we're doing right. There's not enough room to share everything, so here are two select quotes. These are direct quotes from our survey, trimmed on either side for length.

⚠️ Room for improvement

Our work is never done when it comes to improving the entire employee experience. From hiring to retention, promotion to compensation, we recognize that fostering true inclusion takes constant iteration and effort.

As a company, we try to keep ourselves accountable. Here are a couple of direct quotes from our team about where we could improve. As above, these are direct quotes from our survey, trimmed on either side for length.

quotes from the team

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