Air is the best Dropbox alternative for visual assets


Teams love Air because they can search, trade feedback, and share assets all in one visual-asset-first user interface.

Dropbox pioneered cloud storage. Air redesigned cloud storage for creative collaboration.

designed to send team productivity soaring

Many teams are finding themselves producing more content than they can properly manage. Using Dropbox, files get lost in nested folders and creatives waste hours every day trying to find, share, and approve the right asset. Air makes managing creative assets easy with a clean and flexible workspace. Import your Dropbox library with a single click.

  • Secure sharing and flexible permissions help you collaborate with anyone, anywhere
  • Streamline workflows with easy progress tracking and feedback tools, and stay organized with automated version tracking

Compare features
Expansive file type support
Board/folder previews
Version stacking
Custom fields
AI-powered search
Freeform markups
Saved filters
Access-controlled libraries
Duplicate detection

What our customers are saying

designed to send team productivity soaring

Flexible Annotations Select an area, drop a sticky note, or leave pencil markups for clearer, faster feedback. Timestamp commenting Attach comments to exact frames on video assets — use with annotations for 4K-level communication clarity.
The huge challenge for me was the fact that Dropbox is a file management system and not an image management system.
Nick Bilardello
VP Marketing & Creative The Infatuation
We switched to using Air and it’s literally the biggest productivity boost in our creative pipeline.
Jason Wong
Founder, Doe Beauty
I don’t think Dropbox updated to solve the problems for people who are actually using these products. Air is essentially the 2.0 of these tools.
Danielle Batten
Creative Director Pattern

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designed to send team productivity soaring

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