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Organize your creativity, from concept to deployment

Expedite production, communicate efficiently, and accelerate your publishing with Air.

Centralize content from freelancers, affiliates, and external partners

Air is the engine of The Dodo's social media strategy. The animal lover's media company uses Air's content collection workflows to pull in media from a network of pet and animal influencers for the Instagram and Tik Tok takeovers that drive their brand loyalty.

Get critical input at every stage of production

Beautiful Destinations uses Air to streamline their post-production feedback process, keeping project managers, editors, and clients on the same page as content moves from the lens to their 16.5 million followers.

Easily deploy your thousands of assets across multiple channels

The Infatuation's mission to deliver honest food reviews around the world means the content that drives their business is as diverse as the restaurants they explore. The food media giant uses Air to push their photo and video content to the world through editorial, social, and branded partnerships.

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