Air for Agencies

Collaborating with clients and partners has never been easier!

Create a unified workspace to synergize your creators, clients, and stakeholders together.

Consolidate assets from clients, freelancers, and partners, all in one place

Imagine Media uses Air to manage the entire lifecycle of content for hundreds of clients and organize their creative workflows across multiple teams.

No more client back-and-forth on scattered email threads. With Air, the conversation happens where the content lives.

Fat Earth is an Austin-based, full stack marketing agency that keeps collaboration with the client central to their ethos. They centralize conversations between internal teammates and clients on Air, cutting out lengthy email threads and inactive Slack groups.

Send assets to clients and collaborators with public boards and custom integrations

TRUFFL's impressive network of clients, designers, and photographers use Air to stay connected to the content that matters most. When the team of creative strategists and brand gurus hands off final deliverables to their client for use on social, ads, and web, they do it using Air.

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Fat Earth blog cover card featuring John Gross, CEO & Founder

How Fat Earth manages dozens of clients in Air

Learn how one marketing agency achieved a better workflow with Air, using multiple workspaces to manage over 35 clients. "If it's not in Air, it doesn't exist."

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How Beautiful Destinations orchestrates global content production on Air

Learn how agency Beautiful Destination uses Air to handle international content production, collection, and distribution — managing over 63 TB of assets.

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