Air’s culture and values
Collaboration happens between people. At Air, we believe that it takes diversity of thought, culture, race, and outlook to build a truly inclusive product.
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Our commitment to a diverse workplace
At Air, we aim to build the best product for our growing community of creatives and collaborators from all around the world. We recognize that goal is impossible without first ensuring that every voice is welcomed, heard, and supported. We promise to remain transparent as we take these necessary steps.
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We champion diversity and pride ourselves on operational transparency. Our employees and community are equally as important as our customers and investors. This page is a testament to that promise. As we grow and scale, this commitment will always remain the same.
Shane Hedge
CEO, Co-Founder of Air
How we operate
Transparency is an integral part of our commitment to becoming a more equitable and inclusive workplace. We will iterate and refine these documents as we continue to do the necessary work internally, and publish updates quarterly.


Our most up-to-date inclusion survey results, including employee quotes.
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Culture Book

How our mission, values, and principles are applied throughout the organization, from hiring and performance evaluations to business decision‑making.
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A detailed look at Air's company policies. This document is all-encompassing and intended for active employees.
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Equity Compensation

Air is committed to making all full-time employees equity holders in our business. This document clarifies how equity works at Air.
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Each month, someone volunteers to moderate a discussions around an essay, article, video, or podcast of their choosing. This is not a room for...
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A manager at Air is a teacher. They embody all of our core values and their most important job is to help their team grow.
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