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Send exciting content straight to your fans

Whether at home or an away game, keep your entire team connected and get the gold.

Integrate game and practice footage into one easy-to-use workspace for teammates and fans

With a social following of over 1 million fans, Duke Men's Basketball leads the world of collegiate athletics in online engagement. Their secret? Speed. The media team uses Air to centralize game footage and distribute content to their editors so social posts go out instantaneously.

Become a dream team by giving every player a voice

Notre Dame uses Air to collaborate across the entire university, including their Emmy award winning in house production agency, third party freelancers, and student media managers.

Distribute content directly to players, coaches, and managers

When you help manage the talent development of high profile NBA stars, getting them the right footage at exactly the right time is everything. Pure Sweat's team of coaches and trainers use Air's mobile app to deliver their athletes the practice footage no one sees but everyone benefits from.

Case study

Pure Sweat uses Air to share workouts with Joel Embiid, Jason Taytum, and more

CEO Drew Hanlen uses Air to manage Pure Sweat’s brand and create engaging content for their fans.

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