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Creative Requests

Search the way you think

Somewhere along the line, marketing managers turned into Dropbox operators. Enough! Now everyone on your team can find exactly what they need thanks to image recognition, color filters, and powerful search.

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An end-to-end creative request system that works

Air gets your team in sync with no lost feedback loops in sight.

  • Find what you need Image and color recognition automatically organize your library so everyone can find what they need.

  • Ask questions Have discussions next to your content. @ mention teammates to conduct brainstorms, get clarification, or make selects.

  • Deliver to the team Share content and source files with partners through simple share links with advanced permissions.

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"We stopped bugging each other for content. When I need an asset, I can just hop into Air and make a simple search."

Sierra Cortner
Marketing Manager @ Spring Place

Every tool you need for creative requests

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Comment directly on your content
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Date, color, and file type filtering
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Automated image recognition
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Labels to search and organize content

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