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Documentation Made Easy

November 12, 2020 · 3 min read

When your team is working on a million things at once, documentation is an easy way to stay on top of it all. But where do you begin? It's daunting to create a new workspace structure from scratch, especially if you need something that satisfies both technical and creative sides of the business.

At Air, we solved this with Notion. Our workspace has been growing and evolving for years, and we’ve undergone more than one restructure. From investment docs to operating processes, Notion documents drive our day-to-day. The most significant piece of value has been creating structure in unfamiliar territory. Our investors and advisors are constantly passing along their own docs, too, allowing us to “duplicate” their path to success. Which got us thinking...

"Why don't we make our workspace public?"

So we did.

Today, we're excited to release Documentation Made Easy, giving you access to over 65 Notion templates based on real documents from Air's workspace. Like what you see? Steal it! That's what it's here for.

How to steal our docs 📋

Our Notion documents are organized into 6 categories (operations, brand, project management, product, hiring, and fundraising). Each page consists of anywhere from 10-20 templates that you can view, copy, or duplicate into your own workspace.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide:

  1. Select any document to open it in Notion

  2. Click the "Duplicate" button to add it to your workspace

Areas of work 🧰

Click on the categories below to see related templates. Each and every Notion document can be duplicated, edited, and shared.


Docs for new hires, the leadership team, and beyond. Learn how we organize our org chart, structure our culture book, conduct 1-on-1s, and more!

Project Management

Templates for running meetings, tracking work, and submitting feedback all on Notion. Learn more about our pod structure and how it's organized in the All...


Save time onboarding and avoid making the same mistake twice. Check out how our team structures tech specs, tackles bugs, and runs A/B tests.


Templates for your go-to-market strategy and brand guidelines, as well as external docs like RFPs, design specs, and project outlines.


Take a look at job descriptions for over 15 roles and documents that outline expectations for members of different departments.


We raised our Series A in June of 2020. We used extensive documentation to highlight our market opportunity, product strategy, and technical moat.

Behind the idea 💡

Earlier this summer, we came together to establish new core values. They were thoughtfully chosen with input from the entire team, and have since been applied to everything we do — from hiring practices to the types of projects we prioritize.

Most of our work starts as a Notion doc. One-on-ones are recorded as private drafts, RFPs are sent out to freelancers using public links, and we even manage all of our projects in an elaborate kanban called the "All Work Database" masterminded by our co-founder, Tyler Strand. So much of this process and our desire to share it publicly are a direct result of our new core values:

  • Document everything:

    Ideas are as fleeting as they are valuable. Precise, efficient communication is the fuel for successful collaboration. Transparency and organization are prioritized, and we make the extra effort to collect and codify our thoughts.

  • Transparent:

    We own our position. There is no mask on our problems, issues, or excitement. We bring our whole selves every day and debate early and often. Once a decision is made we commit, and recognize that responsibility and ownership are two sides of the same coin.

  • Perfecting our craft:

    Giving and receiving feedback is our day-to-day and we are committed to personal growth. Our eye is always toward helping our teammates become the best that they can be and we receive feedback with gratitude and open-mindedness.

We hope these documents can be a resource for other teams like ours. We will continue to add new templates as our company grows.

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