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Why we sent 30 elderly people to protest an Adweek Conference

March 05, 2024 · 2 min read

“We are retired! Dropbox you’re fired!”

At Air, we’re always trying to find new ways to engage our audience and meet them where they are. But only rarely do we try and take that last part literally. When we read that Adweek would be hosting its Commerceweek event in New York City on February 28th, we decided to try something a bit… different.

Working with a guerilla marketing firm, we prepped 30 actors to protest the event with signs and chants decrying how dated tools like Dropbox and Google Drive have stolen valuable years from their lives.

Onlookers gawked, the police came (twice), and the event proceeded to go viral garnering some pretty great media coverage. For us, the event was not (just) about making noise; it was a statement reflecting the frustrations shared by so many creatives today.

“In 2007, when Dropbox was founded, it was about how to connect local computers to the cloud,” says Air CEO Shane Hegde. “Today we’re in the era of cloud collaboration. Workflows are what matters. Data-agnostic cloud storage ignores that. The ability to not just store your visual assets but to work in them - that’s what Air offers: Fully supporting creative teams from ideation to delivery.”

So if you’re ready to say a final goodbye to that aged tech stack (and get three months free on Air while you’re at it), check out Silicon Gables, a new type of retirement center built for the modern creative team.

Silicon Gables
Silicon Gables

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