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August 06, 2020 · 3 min read

We built Air to support your team's content and all the work that comes with it. The first thing most users notice about their workspace is the magic of gallery view. Every single image, video, and gif is on display by default.

A picture of Air's gallery dashboard page.

At its best, gallery view is a playful canvas that unlocks spontaneous creativity, but we understand that a wall of assets might not always be the most efficient way to work with your content. To find the right solution for this issue, we needed to speak directly with the VIPs...our Air users! We listened to your feedback, analyzed your requests, and came to some realizations. We found that Air users want the ability to:

  1. Distinguish between similar assets without clicking into them

  2. See all relevant metadata (like format, dimension, and size)

  3. View assets, files, and boards side-by-side for organizing and sharing

So we created table view, a simple way to preview your content and all the details at a glance.

Getting started

Access table view by clicking the list icon on the top left side of your workspace. That will immediately change the view from a gallery to a table. Want to switch back? Just hit this icon to return to the view you know and love.

Sort assets by name

Using sort

Just like gallery view, you can sort assets by name, date created, and date modified in table view. With metadata displayed front and center, you can distinguish between content versions quicker than ever.

Example scenario: If you’ve created a board for your brand assets, there might be a few different versions of the same logo—various formats and sizes. If you were to view these in gallery mode only, every preview image would look exactly the same. In table view, you can view all relevant metadata without ever clicking into an asset.

Grouping similar items

Earlier this summer, we expanded our file support to include non-visual file formats. Now your images and videos can live in harmony with their complementary assets like storyboards, source files, documentation, spreadsheets, and more! In gallery view, you will see your content separated into three sections:

  1. Boards

  2. Assets

  3. Files

This separation is important because Air is focused on visual work first and foremost. The last thing we want is to clutter your once-beautiful workspace with icons, symbols, and spreadsheet previews. You should only ever see your monthly budget next to those glossy product assets in table view.

In table view, you can choose whether or not you want to mix your assets and files together. No matter the reason, we’ve made it possible for you to structure your content as you please.

Selecting assets

To select an asset, click anywhere except for the asset icon or title.

You have the option to select as many assets as you'd like. If the asset looks like it's been swiped over with blue highlighter, it's selected. Simply click on it again to deselect.

Air multiselect table view

Tell us what you think

Do you have feedback about table view? Other burning desires about Air that you need to get off your chest? We're all ears! Feel free to chat us any time using the Intercom icon on the bottom left corner of your workspace.

Intercom table view

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