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Centralize your team's content in a workspace that's organized, versioned, and easy to share.

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Not cloud storage — better

Sure, Air stores your content. But it also has smart search, guest permissions, custom layouts, version tracking, and hassle-free sharing that makes every part of the creative process easier and more enjoyable.

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"We have a lot of moving parts, but I can finally see the full picture on Air. On top of that, my team saves time that was previously wasted on manual tasks."

Nick Bilardello
Creative Director @ The Infatuation
Visual Workspace

Polished and practical UI lets your content shine

Stop hiding your assets in folders and zip filesPlan social media posts, create lightweight presentations, and organize your content in a workspace that reflects your brand.

Smart search

Find what you're looking for with confidence

Navigate your workspace like a search engine. Built-in features like image recognition and smart tags enable anyone on your team to jump in and locate assets all by themselves.

Seamless collaboration

Collect, review, and approve content

Now the only painful part of the feedback cycle is the feedback. Create public boards and allow guests to upload directly into your workspace. Leave comments, have discussions, and make selects with context.

Flexible structure

Limitless possibilities for different workflows

One tool, infinite use cases. Track new changes and clearly identify the latest asset version. Keep all of your relevant project files close by — MP3s and CSVs welcome.

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"Brand consistency is so important to our business. Now we know where everything lives, who is using it, and why."

Sierra Cortner
Marketing Manager @ Spring Place

Like a breath of fresh Air

Centralize your team's content in workspace that's organized, searchable, versioned, and easy to share.

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