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Bring all your work together with files

July 08, 2020 · 4 min read

From the beginning, Air has been the home for your team's images and videos. Starting today, Air also supports non-visual file formats so you can bring even more context into your workspace.

Making a great piece of content requires a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of coordination. Marketers aren't just pitching big ideas, they're also responsible for drafting briefs, hiring talent, reviewing budgets, writing copy, submitting feedback, and tracking performance. Phew! Documentation is a necessary evil and, whether they like it or not, creative teams need access to all types of docs and spreadsheets throughout a project's lifecycle. Content rarely exists in a vacuum—the final deliverable is just the one piece of the marketing puzzle.

For our users and their various collaborators, additional file support will make the creative process more seamless than ever. You can finally bring context into your workspace and connect your images and videos with other relevant information.

This update has been high on our wishlist for a while, and we can't wait for you to start moving new file formats into your workspace. Keep reading below for more information about this exciting change and other new features you can expect to see in the product:

Which files should I keep on Air?

Don't get it twisted: Air is the workspace for brand. Just because we can store all of your spreadsheets and word docs doesn't mean we should. Sorry, accounting department. Workspaces were designed to facilitate collaboration and streamline creative workflows, not analyze data or edit pivot tables.

A good rule of thumb: if it's a part of the creative process, it can (and should) live on Air! Everything else should stay where it is.

4 different file types - txt, psd, ai, and zip
4 different file types - txt, psd, ai, and zip

Assets vs Files: What's the difference?

"Assets" is how we refer to visual content like images and videos. Assets are always front and center on Air and we make it easy to access them everywhere: the home page, search, boards, and bookmarks.

"Files" is how we refer to non-visual content like documents, spreadsheets, and audio clips. These new formats are now accepted in your workspace, but are less ubiquitous than assets. Files aren't shown on the home page or in search, but will appear on boards and can be saved as bookmarks.

The choice to prioritize assets isn't an accident. One of the biggest reasons people gravitate towards Air is because of the visual layout, so it was important for us to design file support without compromise that experience. Files are just an accessory to the stuff you really need to work with: the content!

Supported formats

Below is a comprehensive list of Air's supported file formats:


  • jpg

  • png

  • heic

  • jpeg

  • svg


  • avi

  • m2v

  • m4p

  • m4v

  • mov

  • mp2

  • mp4

  • mpeg

  • mpg

  • mxf

  • mts

  • webm

  • wmv

  • r3d


  • gif

Raw Photo

  • 3fr

  • ari

  • arw

  • bay

  • crw

  • cr2

  • cr3

  • cap

  • data

  • dcs

  • dcr

  • dng

  • drf

  • eip

  • erf

  • fff

  • gpr

  • iiq

  • k25

  • kdc

  • mdc

  • mef

  • mos

  • mrw

  • nef

  • nrw

  • obm

  • orf

  • pef

  • ptx

  • pxn

  • r3d

  • raf

  • raw

  • rwl

  • rw2

  • rwz

  • sr2

  • srf

  • srw

  • tif

  • x3f


  • ai

  • eps

  • pdf


  • m4a

  • mp3

  • wav


  • csv

  • doc

  • html

  • json

  • odp

  • ods

  • odt

  • ppt

  • rtf

  • txt

  • xls

  • xml

  • zip

If we've left out something you need, please send a note to and we'll try our best to accommodate.

Multipage PDFs

Deck enthusiasts rejoice: multipage PDF preview is here! This small-but-mighty update makes it much easier to find exactly what you're looking for without ever hitting the download button. Now you can distinguish between similar PDFs, even if they're all named "final-FINAL-3" or have identical opening slides.

To scroll through a PDF, start by clicking on the asset preview. In the modal window, you can use the arrows to move between slides or open full screen mode for presentation.

a gif of a mouse scrolling through a PDF on Air
a gif of a mouse scrolling through a PDF on Air

Another helpful tool for faster hunting and finding is our new persistent search bar. Now search is always by your side, even as you scroll down the page.

Air's search bar
Air's search bar

Faster, clearer uploads

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed some flashy improvements with the upload experience. Previously, your uploads were happening almost entirely behind-the-scenes. We were processing your images and videos the same as we do now, but it was difficult for the user to see what was going on. Is my upload done? Where did my assets go?

Now when you upload and import content, you will see loading animations and progress bars for each asset. When they are finished processing, previews will automatically appear one-by-one. Buh-bye, refresh button!

Air asset processing state
Air asset processing state

Detail view

We're constantly thinking up new ways to eliminate unnecessary steps from your search process. Sourcing content is tedious work, and when you're looking for a specific image in the workspace, clicking and downloading only slows you down.

With our newest update, users can view important information simply by hovering over the asset. Voila!

Air asset hover
Air asset hover

To lock this information into place, click the always-on toggle across from the "Assets" title. In this detail view, the asset name, dimension, and size will permanently display below the preview. This is ideal for logos and wordmarks, or anything that looks identical to the naked eye.

Air's asset name toggle
Air's asset name toggle

We're excited to give our users this additional support on Air. We hope it helps streamline your workflows and makes life a lot easier for your team.

If you have ideas on how Air can better support your creative process, we're all ears! Send us an email to

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