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New navigation, more customization

February 09, 2021 · 3 min read

2021 is off to an exciting start. You'll notice a few changes to your workspace right off the bat, most notably a new and improved sidebar. Search is more accessible, boards are easier to create on the fly, and everything can be rearranged. We joke that this year is all about drag-and-drop because users now have the power to move almost anything—boards, assets, even workspace icons!

On top of these navigation improvements, we also doubled down on customization. If you've been using Air for a while, you know that board thumbnails used to be chosen at random. Now, you can decide! We recognize that this isn't groundbreaking, but sometimes the simplest changes make the biggest impact. For example, if a marketer wants their workspace to be a better reflection of their brand, board thumbnails could be an easy win. Buckle up, more creative control is right around the corner.

Continue reading to get caught up on all the changes:

Do more from the sidebar

We made some pretty cool changes to navigation, did you notice? Easily switch between workspaces, make quick searches, and create new boards — all from the comfort of your new sidebar!

Pick your board thumbnails

The time has finally come! Customize board thumbnails with any image or video from your workspace. Control the presentation of your content before sharing it around internally or sending it out to partners and clients.

To change the thumbnail, simply locate the asset you'd like to use and click the ellipsis on the bottom right corner. This will open up a menu where you can select "Set as board thumbnail." From there, you will be prompted to select a board.

Any asset in your workspace can be assigned as a board thumbnail, not only assets within that board. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could even create assets specifically for board thumbnails. (If you do, please send us a screenshot or tag us on Twitter!)

Rearrange your workspace icons

First there was gallery view, then there was table view, and last month we rolled out custom view, which gives users the ability to rearrange assets and files wherever they want inside of a board.

Now we've gone ahead and applied that same functionality to your workspace icons. If you are logged in to multiple workspaces, you will see those icons appear on the sidebar. Drag them around to your heart's desire, but we recommend keeping your most-visited workspace at the top.

Filter content by uploader

"Uploader" has been added as a search filter and removed from search suggestions. If you can't seem to find an asset but you know who initially added it to your workspace, this filter will help narrow down your search.

To view your filter options, select the filter icon in the top right corner of your workspace (next to search). Filters will appear below the search bar. Click "Uploader" and chose a workspace member or guest from the dropdown menu.

Jump in from public boards

Sometimes users create a share link to see what a public board will look like to a non-member. Like preview mode. Before our latest update, clicking that share link would land you in workspace purgatory—you weren't really in the board, but you weren't not in the board either. Confused? Yeah, we were too.

Now you can navigate back to your workspace from any public board by clicking the handy dandy banner at the top of the page.

A blue banner at the top of the workspace shows how you can easily jump back into your workspace from a public board.
A blue banner at the top of the workspace shows how you can easily jump back into your workspace from a public board.

That's all, folks! Visit Air's What's New page for a comprehensive list of updates, changes, and bug fixes

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