Introducing Air Lift

May 06, 2021 · 3 min read

Why Air Lift?

Teams and individuals use Air to centralize their content into one home for everything, but when you're constantly uploading and downloading, things can get messy, and not to mention slowww. So we asked our users about the experience of uploading content and heard one overwhelming response:

You shouldn't have to open your web browser to move content into Air. Period.

We built Air Lift to solve this problem and provide a simple, fast upload experience from your desktop to Air!

How does it work?

Whether you're getting today's photoshoot over to an editor, or pushing the latest design to marketing, Air Lift gives you and your team the ability to sync local files directly to your workspace. Connect a watch folder to push continuous updates or simply drag and drop content into the menu bar for a quick, seamless upload.

Set up a watch folder

Watch folders do exactly what you'd expect them to: they watch your local folder for new or updated content and push any changes directly into your Air workspace.

Setting up a watch folder is easy: simply choose a local folder on your computer and link it to a board in your Air workspace. Done.

Save changes as you work

When you connect a watch folder, Air Lift keeps tabs on any newly added or updated content, so you don't have to! When you're ready to push content to your workspace, any edits you've made can be sent up to Air with just a click. They'll display as new versions, so you and your team can track changes over time.

Upload quicker, straight from desktop

Need to get today's photoshoot uploaded ASAP? Marketing team asking about the most recent designs for tomorrow's ad push? Just drag and drop files or entire folders directly into the app. You can sort and organize your uploads into boards without ever opening your browser.

The more you know...

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Air Lift.

Keep track of your upload history

Need to keep an eye on upload progress or check out what you've already added? Open the "Uploads" tab to see your entire upload history and hover over any item in the list to open it in your workspace.

Free up space on your computer

Computer running slow? Once your content is on Air, feel free to delete those large local files and free up space on your desktop. Files in a watch folder will stay on Air even after you delete them locally, so you'll never have to worry about accidental deletions from your workspace.

Jump over to your workspace

If you want to see the content that you've just uploaded in your Air workspace, you can quickly open any watchfolder or file in your workspace using the "Open in Air" option.

Upload into multiple workspaces

You can quickly switch between workspaces using the desktop app in order to upload content wherever you need to.


I don't have Air Plus or Pro. Can I still download and use the Air Lift app?

Yes, you can still use the app on Air's free plan. Member and storage limits still apply as usual.

What happens if my watched folder contains multiple folders inside it?

Any sub-folders will be mapped to sub-boards in Air, with the same names! Your organizational structure within your local folder will be maintained.

Can I create multiple watch folder connections in Air Lift?

Yes, you can create as many watch folder connections as you want.

Can I connect the same folder to separate boards in the same workspace?

A local folder can only be part of one watch folder connection at a time. You can create watch folder connections in different workspaces from the same computer, but Air Lift will only actively track changes from the workspace to which you are currently logged in.

If I delete a file in a watch folder, does it get deleted from Air?

No, we don't delete any content from Air based on your deletions locally.

If I edit or delete watched items on Air, are those changes reflected locally?

No, Air Lift only provides one-way syncing (from your computer to Air). Any changes made on Air in the browser by you or a team member won't affect any of the files on your computer.

What constitutes a "change" to a file in a watch folder?

Any time you save a file, that counts as a change. Renaming a file or moving it will also be detected by the app. When you delete a file locally (or move it out of the watch folder), Air will no longer track changes to that file, but it won't automatically be deleted from Air.

My files aren't syncing the way I expect... what's going on?

Files will sync automatically when you first create a watch folder connection. After that, you need to tell the app when to push changes up to Air. Open the app and make sure that no errors or alerts are waiting for your attention.

Can I choose any folder on my computer to be a watch folder?

Yes, although it is not best practice to choose a folder that is already being synced with different software (an iCloud drive, for example) as changes might be made in that folder that are outside your control.

Does Air Lift work on Windows?

Right now, we are only offering a Mac-compatible app. If you or your team operates on Windows, let us know!

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