Air Lift

Simple, fast uploads from your desktop to Air.

For Mac OS 10.5 or higher

Air Lift meets you where you work

Conveniently located in your Mac's menu bar, Air Lift makes uploading files to Air a breeze. Your content appears on Air organized exactly how it does on your desktop, and it's versioned so that you can easily track changes with your team. Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting!

Simple and speedy uploads

Connect local files to your Air workspace

Create a watch folder to work locally in your favorite editing software and push changes up to Air when you're ready. Edits are uploaded as new versions, so your team can track changes over time.

Just need to get a few files up to Air ASAP? Drag and drop them right into the app: no need to open up the browser and log in, because Air Lift lives in your menu bar.

Risk-free syncing

No more accidental deletions. Ever.

Never worry about accidental deletions again. Air Lift uploads files, and that's it. Edits on Air won't affect the files on your computer, and removing files from your watch folders won't delete them from the cloud. Free up space on your computer whenever you want, worry free.

Flexibility and control

Upload and share your content when you’re ready

Do you hit save a million times a day, just in case? No need to change that habit when you’re using Air Lift. We track every change, but you can decide how often your changes get published to Air. Push your updates exactly when you’re ready to create a new version - or ignore them and keep editing until your work is perfect!


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