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Get even more organized with versions

March 25, 2021 · 3 min read

How do versions work?

The feedback process can get messy, but versions keep it from getting out of control. Now everyone on your team has visibility to new changes, and all of your iterations are contained in one place.

Version stacks work exactly how you'd expect: you stack new revisions on top of your original asset. No more lost content, no more confusion around what's up to date, no more clutter.

Watch our quick 2-minute demo:

Creating a version stack

Let's say you want to repurpose a photo in your workspace for an ad campaign.

You'd start by having a discussion with your designer in the comments, outlining exactly what changes need to be made. Once the updated asset is ready for review, your designer would come back to asset modal and upload it as a version.

You can see every versions in a stack by clicking the stack icon. Upload new versions with the blue "+" button.

version icon
version icon

New iterations will pop in directly on top of v1. You'll notice there are not one but two assets in this modal now: v1 (the original asset) and v2 (the updated asset with copy on top).

two versions
two versions

Adding multiple versions

If you need to do another round of revisions, it's easy to repeat that process over again. Just hit the same blue "+" button from before, or drag-and-drop from your desktop directly into the asset modal.

three versions
three versions

Identifying version stacks

Back in board view, your asset will now have a corresponding version stack icon, making it super easy for anyone to spot at a glance.

board view versions
board view versions

Other tips & tricks

Rearrange the order of your versions

Picture this: You're the creative lead for a project that's gone through five rounds of design revisions. After seeing them all together, you decide that v3 is actually your favorite, not v5. To make that change on Air, simply re-order your versions.

Drag v3 to the top of your stack to make it the latest version — v3 will become v5. The cover image on the board level will also update to reflect this change.

More ways to import versions

Instead of hitting the blue "+" button, you can also add a version to a stack by dragging it in from your desktop while the asset modal is open.

Upload multiple versions

And who says you need to do it one at a time? If you have multiple versions, feel free to upload them simultaneously and then rearrange the order if necessary.

Share versions

You can share versions one of two ways depending on the situation:

  • Board share links - If you share a board that contains a version stack, only the latest version will be visible to non-workspace members. You might want to use this for boards that contain assets like logos or wordmarks. Your team will want to keep the old logo for record, but you wouldn't want anyone outside of your workspace to access it.

  • Asset share links - If you want to share an older version, create a share link from the asset modal. When you create a sharer link from the asset level, you're only giving someone access to that specific version.

Member permissions

This one's for all the control freaks out there:

  • Commenters - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • View-only guests - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • Comment-only guests - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • Guests with edit permissions - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

  • Admins - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

  • Editors - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

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