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Breathing Fire: Six ways Air is smoking traditional DAMs 🔥

May 30, 2023 · 3 min read

Air is a creative operations system offering an all-in-one solution for creative project storage, management, and feedback. Our value props are simple:

  • Find instead of hunt for assets with a self-organizing workspace

  • Get great feedback across deliverables, versions, and stakeholders with ease

  • Deliver final assets with confidence, professionally displayed and ready for use

The launch of Air for Enterprise is just the latest in a series of enablement projects for our 50,000+ users.

Still not convinced?

Here are six reasons why Air is the best option for creative teams drowning in content.

1. Beautiful to behold:

Our Share Links are incredibly easy to use. Sharing your work with others has never been this seamless. Present your work to external stakeholders in a clean, crisp layout that highlights the work itself. Set expiration dates and password protection as needed.

We’ve all been there — half an hour into a hunt for that specific version of the company logo, chasing hunches towards a wasted hour. With Air, you’ll spend no more wasted time searching for assets. Just find it. Our system enables you to search for what you’re looking for based on what's visually in the images themselves. Content, colors, as long as you have some idea of what you’re looking for, Air lets you cut to the chase.

3. Project management and feedback:

Project management and feedback tools are built into every Air workspace; this is a user-friendly all-in-one solution. Make your other project management tools redundant and save on subscriptions — or integrate Air with your current project management stack. It’s easier than ever to do so with the release of our API for Enterprise users.

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We use Air constantly in conjunction with Asana. One of our graphic designers will fill out a brief and they'll ping us on the marketing side. We’ll open it — there's all the images, and then we can just comment really quickly on everything. So it really helps with our project management systems.

— John Gross, CEO & Head of Growth, Fat Earth

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4. Two-way sync:

Import and update Air assets right from your Finder, with two-way sync between your local files and your Air workspace in the cloud, saving time and hassle on distribution. Learn more.

5. Reasonably priced:

We're not only saving you money by making certain other subscriptions redundant — our plans and pricing structure for teams are by far the most reasonably priced among creative ops systems with this level of feature richness.

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When looking at Air, I had a few demos with Brandfolder. They were wildly expensive. As an agency, we weren’t looking for the more internal-focused use case they offered — we needed something that would work with our clients. If our clients don’t use the tool, we’re taking an unnecessary financial loss.

When I told Brandfolder’s team we weren't going to move forward with them because we found Air, they seemed pretty shocked. They may be a great solution, but
Air offered a similar suite of services, at a no-brainer price.

Amanda Harrington, Sr. Marketing Director

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6. The human element:

Our team is available when you need them. From onboarding to workflow assistance, our priority is our customers’ satisfaction and our support goes above and beyond. We firmly believe that more than we’re in the software business, we’re in the relationship business.

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Without question you should clone Lauren… but seriously, one of the biggest value adds of Air is the responsiveness and honesty of the customer team. There are problems, there always will be, but we know we have a partner that will help us through them.

— Yours Truly Media

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Don't waste any more time and money on multiple apps and quick fixes. Get your company started on Air today, and see the difference for yourself.

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