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Introducing Paige, your new AI-powered Creative Ops coworker

October 01, 2023 · 4 min read
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For us to be successful, we need to automate everything that can be automated, in order to have the capacity to do the things we can’t. If you can create the capacity to be magical, then you might have a chance to do it. How can we create space?

Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO Worldwide

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Creating the capacity to be magical

Air automates the busywork that eats away at the time creatives would otherwise be spending — should be spending — on visionary creative work. 

The stories told around everything from soda pop to politics add meaning to our lives and give color to our memories. And yet most creative requests are for mechanical tasks on existing assets. Why are we sentencing creative teams to death by papercuts? We created Air to set free creative’s capacity for magic by shouldering the burden of those myriad, tedious tasks.

Today, we present the next step in our journey to shoulder the full weight of that burden.

Creatives are fed up

AI has been part of our work from the very start.

When we launched Air in 2020, we absorbed the work of finding, navigating, and organizing creative assets. Our platform automatically tags all images uploaded, allowing creatives to search their entire content library without needing to remember filenames. 

Search like you think — but that’s no longer enough. As creative organizations scale, every tedious task piles up, eating into creative capacity in turn.

Creative teams shouldn’t need a dedicated librarian or DAM consultant to help them figure out how to use software to navigate their content. It should be easy. It should feel intuitive. It should look beautiful. Anyone on your team should be able to pick it up within a few minutes of playing around. This is how Air wins consistently against the clunky UI and complex onboarding processes traditional DAMs are known for. 

Paige takes us to an entirely new level.

Stop searching, start finding 

The truth is you’re already familiar with much of what Paige can do. 

Anyone with an iPhone can, within seconds, search every photo they’ve ever taken by person and place. It will serve up slideshows of the best dinners you’ve had around New York City — in an instant, your phone understands every piece of data and every pixel that comprises your endless photo roll, and packages it for you.

That’s something Paige will do for you — only, instead of your personal photos, it will instantaneously navigate entire organizations’ terabytes upon terabytes of content. It will return tens of thousands of hours to teams across the globe. It will revolutionize the way you collect, approve, and share content. 

Paige takes that intuitive user-friendly experience we’ve come to expect from our smartphones and brings it to your content management system. Our Enterprise users will now be able to search for things in Air the same way they would ask a colleague. Just ask Paige:

  • “Do we have any images of the lime Spindrift can from last year?”

  • “Are there any videos with Tyler in them?”

  • “Do we have approved assets Dio uploaded and commented on?”

  • “Are there any versions of the holiday party video we can look at?

Paige: the Creative Ops teammate you’ve never had budget to hire

If you’ve ever used Air, you’ll remember the first time you typed something into that search bar. In countless demos, we’ve seen eyes light up when we show how our AI-powered search can surface a single asset out of thousands, using content-based keywords or color selection.

With Paige, we’re simply building on what we do best. Over 120,000 people use Air today, regaining countless hours that would’ve been spent hunting down and organizing old files and folders. 

Join the program

Today, we’re launching a 45-day search for 10 design partners to come along for the ride and define Paige’s identity alongside our team. Applications are open now through November 15, 2023.

Throughout this 12-month program, partners will receive early access to all of our AI features and the opportunity to customize these features around their specific use cases. Each brand will be paired with a designer, product manager, and dedicated creative ops consultant on our team. The goal is nothing less than to automate each part of your creative process, using AI.

We’re looking for Enterprise-level partners and will be providing 50 users and 50TB of storage per partner, at a cost of $2,000 per month. We’re looking for new customers, existing customers, and anyone with a taste for experimental tooling.

What you can expect as a Paige partner

This 12-month program will unfold in 4 phases. The onboarding phase comes first, by January 2024. Perhaps most exciting is Phase 2: Metadata & Customized AI-content search. This will include:

  • Facial recognition

  • Enhanced auto tagging

  • Custom object recognition

  • Tag relationships (e.g. SKU → product name)

  • Text recognition for images and video

  • Audio-to-text content search

  • Sharable saved-search boards

  • Natural language and guided search

We’ll save the rest for later. Want to learn more? Our CEO and Co-founder Shane can’t wait to chat about it: sign up for an introductory call right here.

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