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What is Brand Experience?

May 28, 2020 · 4 min read

What is BX?

In the beginning, there were brands and there were consumers. Brands would tell the story and consumers would evaluate the purchase based on a limited number of factors. "Do I identify with this message or not?"

Then the internet was born. With it came a huge shift in power and a new focus on community building and authentic connection over old school advertising. Brands were no longer the sole storytellers.

Today, we source opinions from friends, social media, blog posts, and review sites. This isn't necessarily bad thing for business — transparency will hopefully lead to better quality products and services down the road — but it does require a new way of thinking and operating. To cut through the noise and make an impact, teams need to consider all the ways a consumer might interact with their brand, which is where BX comes in...

BX = Brand Strategy + CX + UX

Brand experience is the hybrid between brand strategy and customer experience. It is the “emotional and tangible experience that a customer has before, during, and after an engagement.”

Brand experience / Customer experience / User experience

Remember that consumers are not only deciding if they want to buy your product, they're deciding if they buy in to your brand experience — your differentiation, your identity, and your community. How does your product fit into their world? What will it say about them?

"In an ever homogenized, codified, templated world, a unique brand experience is critical. Brands are defined by the experiences that they give." BX is everything a consumer comes in contact with and it's guiding their purchase decisions, for better or for worse.

Who’s in charge here?

BX takes a village and we believe there are 5 primary departments that play point: Marketing, Sales, Creative, Product, and Operations.

Showing different teams in brand experience. (Marketing, Creative, Operations, Sales, Product)

This includes titles such as:

  • Marketing Manager

  • Brand Director

  • Program Lead

  • Product Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Account Executive

  • Content Producer

  • Designer

  • Partnerships Director

Once you develop an understanding of the various places your brand lives, you'll quickly realize the larger impact each of these roles has on BX.

For example, let's say a video is created for social media. Yes, it originated in the marketing department, but there's a good chance this piece of content will be repurposed and redistributed by the sales team, producers, executives, or HR. More often than not, it will be seen by people outside of the company too in documents like sales decks, pitch materials, advertisements, welcome letters, and press releases. None of those examples fall under "marketing" and yet all of them have an effect on BX. These outputs are either contributing to or deviating from the story you set out to tell. So, how are you ensuring that all of these moving pieces are in line with your brand?

Everyone's a media company

There are approximately 52M business accounts on Instagram. 85% of US companies claim to create and distribute content in some capacity, and 88% of customers have come to expect consistent marketing across all channels.

It's clear that modern-day businesses depend on visual materials in everyday operations. To acquire new customers and maintain relevancy, brands have started to operate like media companies, and the primary way they do that is by creating content.

All the tools a media company uses.

We want Air to be the home for that content and all of the adjacent work that comes with it. Centralize your images and videos, and establish a source of truth for feedback and creative discussions. By making it easier for your team to access and collaborate with the creative work that drives your business, you're also increasing the likelihood of authentic, consistent brand experiences with your customers.

Air ❤️ BX

We geek out on this stuff. The team at Air is fascinated by the relationship between brand and customer, and we're continuing to wrap our heads around how different companies prioritize BX within their own organizations.

If you have a few, we'd love for you fo fill out our short survey to help us better understand your relationship with BX, if any. It shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes, no fill-in-the-blank we promise. Thank you so much for your time!

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