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Air 3.0 is here!

November 18, 2021 · 3 min read

Presenting...Air 3.0! Massive thanks to our supportive, talented customer community, and everyone else who has fed us insights this past year. We do this for you, and we couldn't do it without you. Our team has spent thousands of hours building you a better product. From minor bug fixes to major, net-new features; from customer research to campaign launches, it's all led to this.

Why Air 3.0? Why now?

Mindless work is limiting creativity. Marketers waste time every day organizing, finding, approving, and sharing content. We call this work Creative Ops. It's manual and ends up becoming somebody's full-time job. Cloud storage is a terrible solution for we built a system to automate it, unlocking creativity for teams around the globe. Teams spend as much as 10x less time finding and organizing assets in Air compared to Dropbox and Drive.

With everything we've added over the last year, from our free-forever plan to point-based commenting, we can finally say this: Air is a Creative Ops System. The platform now features a full suite of project management tools for end-to-end visual content collaboration.

Today's product fully aligns with our founders' initial vision of removing the miserable chores from marketing work. Get your time back. Enjoy your job again.

Air: The Creative Ops System for marketers

What's included in Air 3.0?

Here's every feature, improvement, and release from the past year — the bones of Air 3.0.

  • Custom fields

    • Make selects, assign work, track approvals — categorize your content however you like, to support any workflow.

  • Kanban view

    • Create kanban boards based on any of your custom field values. Project management for your visual content!

  • Annotation and timestamp commenting

    • Get precise with your feedback. Leave comments corresponding to specific points in your content, and at specific timestamps on your videos.

  • Integrations (Adobe Premiere Pro and Canva)

    • Connect your content library directly to your favorite tools. Download low-res proxy videos for editing in Premiere.

  • New asset modal

    • Redesigned to showcase your content. View assets in dark mode and fullscreen by default, only opening sidebars as needed.

  • Improved search

    • Searches are faster, saved in your URL (linkable!), keyboard shortcut-enabled, and more accurate.

  • Versions

    • Instead of cluttering your workspace, stack new drafts of an asset together in a version stack.

  • Customizable downloads and CDN links

    • Export images as JPH, PNG, or WEBP, and at any aspect ratio. Also, create a unique CDN link for any asset.

  • Notifications

    • Follow boards to get notifications for everything that happens therein (uploads, comments, etc.) Get notified when a teammate comments on an asset you've commented on.

  • Tag manager

    • Create, rename, merge, delete, or edit tags easily — make changes across your workspace, from one location.

  • Public comments

    • Make external collaboration even easier. Anyone can comment on enabled public boards, without joining your workspace.

  • Customize board thumbnails

    • Set any asset within a board as the thumbnail.

  • Bulk actions

    • Select as many assets as you like, then act on all of them at once for convenience.

  • Air Lift

    • One-way sync from your desktop to your Air workspace, automatically. Set a watch folder and get synced!

  • Improved import integrations

    • No-hassle import from popular cloud storage platforms, at the click of a button.

  • Free tier

    • All the features of our Plus plan, free forever. Includes 5 GB of storage and up to three workspace members. Sign up now!

  • Enterprise offerings

    • SAML SSO via Okta

    • Custom roles and permissions

    • Domain-specific workplace membership

    • ...and more. We're always happy to build new features for Enterprise customers.

What's next for Air?

This is still just the beginning—2022 will be a big year for us. Expect a slew of integrations, full PDF support, more precise notification options, and a whole lot else we can't talk about yet. We'll absolutely be growing our team, so keep an eye on our careers page!

That's all for now. Haven't used the product yet? There's never been a better time to get started. Click below to get started for free, or if you want to see Air in action, book time with our team.

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