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Introducing Air's Free Plan

March 02, 2021 · 2 min read

Get the tool creative teams love, for free

You can now use Air for free, forever. Air's Free Plan has all the features of the Plus Plan, with 5GB of storage and up to three workspace members.

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Transform the way you work with content

So many creative teams choose Air because it's easy to use and brings order to the chaos. Whether you’re just getting started on a new project or looking to re-organize your entire asset library, Air can help.

A faster way to find what you're looking for

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  • Spend less time manually tagging
    Smart tags are attached to your images automatically upon upload thanks to image recognition technology.

  • Locate assets quickly with filters
    Narrow down your search with filters for colors, file type, uploader, and date.

  • Preview gifs and videos on hover
    Your animated assets will play automatically as you mouse over them, so you can quickly find the correct asset without a single click.

An easier way to work together

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  • Iterate with context
    Know who added content to your workspace, when, and why.

  • Collect content from guests
    Partners and clients can upload content directly into your workspace.

  • Deliver content to stakeholders
    Share public boards with advanced permissions.

A more beautiful way to display your visual assets

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  • Get everything in one place
    Migrate over your existing library or start uploading one project at a time. Simple sorting features keep all your ducks in a row.

  • Show what you're thinking
    Throw reference materials into a mood board. Share it with collaborators or use it for your own inspiration.

  • Throw together presentations on the fly
    Maybe you don’t always need to create a deck. Get everyone on the same page quickly with public boards.

Create your free workspace today

Organized, searchable, versioned, and easy to share.
Add up to 5GB of storage and three workspace members for free.

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