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All About Advanced Share URLs

May 02, 2023 · 1 min read

Mastering Advanced Share URLs

Looking to elevate your content sharing game? Look no further than the advanced settings for share links on Air.

Available on Air’s Pro plan, these powerful features allow you to create custom URLs with specific settings to optimize your sharing experience.

  1. The advanced share settings allow you to set an expiration date for your shared content.

    • This feature is particularly useful for time-sensitive information that should not be accessible after a certain date.

  2. The advanced share settings gives you the ability to set a password for your shared content.

    • This is perfect for confidential or sensitive information that should only be accessed by certain individuals.

    • By setting a password, you take full control of who has access to your content, ensuring that it remains secure.

  3. Advanced share URLs also enable you to track who has accessed your shared content and when.

    • This feature provides valuable insights into your audience and helps tailor your content to better suit their needs.


The advanced settings for share links on Air offer a wide range of features and benefits for anyone looking to share content in a more personalized, efficient and confident way. From added security to additional data analytics, these features provide valuable tools for content creators and marketers alike.

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