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Zoom Exotic

April 02, 2020 · 2 min read

COVID-19 has taken us away from the office and into our homes. Meetings are now conducted on Zoom instead of conference rooms, and invitees all strategically position themselves in front of the best decorated corner of their home or against a nondescript backdrop—beige paint for most, exposed brick if you're lucky.

But what if this isn't an option? Some city dwellers fled the pandemic epicenter to suburban safety, but now they're faced with a difficult decision: Do you take your video call in front of mom's paisley print wallpaper from 1987? Or amongst your childhood collection of American Girl Dolls? What if we told you there's a better solution...

Introducing Zoom Exotic, a library of over 100 video backgrounds. Let your boss know that business is a top priority by scheduling your next check-in from the top of a rollercoaster. Lead a better brainstorm by inviting a group of penguins. Liven up your company all-hands by hosting it at a nightclub. Or a yacht! Or in the middle of a parade! The possibilities are endless.

Step 1

Open Zoom. Oh no! Your background is so boring :(

A picture of Megan King with a frowny face.

Step 2

Click the arrow next to the "Stop Video" icon and select "Choose Virtual Background"

A picture of Megan King zoomed in and pointing to the change virtual background setting on Zoom.

Step 3

Click on the + button and then select "Add Video"

A picture of Megan King pointing with a "Ah hah!" expression.

Step 4

BOOM! You did it! 🐯🔥💁‍♀️

A picture of Megan King leaning next to a man petting a tiger.

Zoom Exotic in the wild

There are over 100 videos to choose from and we’re adding more every day. Try one out on your next call, strike a pose, and share it with @airhq on Twitter!

A picture of Mari Gil on a Zoom conference with Megan King demonstrating the "Everything is fine meme" virtual background.
A picture of Shane Hedge showing his virtual background to the rest of the team.
A screenshot of the Air's Zoom virtual background collection.

Shane Hegde
CEO and Co-Founder at Air

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