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Introducing remote video collaboration on Air

August 26, 2021 · 3 min read

We're excited to open the waitlist for our remote-first video collaboration system. Our mission is always to make the creative process easier, faster, and more enjoyable — our hope with this release is no different: give post-production video teams a high-quality remote collaboration experience. Watch the quick demo below for a look at some of the functionality, and read on for the full details.

Why Air x Adobe Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is the most widely used professional video software, period. Air's integration with Premiere came about through months of conversations with our users who work with video. Typically, work between a team of producers and editors in Premiere can be slow and difficult.

Hard drives are shipped across the country to give everyone access to the same footage, conversations with editors get lost in long email threads, and sifting through folder hierarchies to find the right file kills the editing flow. Our goal is to give the video creative community a lightweight, cloud-based way to collaborate during the post-production process.

How does Air's remote-first video collaboration system work?

Air is home for the creative process. We already host your content library and help you navigate it — now we've fully integrated that library into your video production process. We're excited to give you:

  • Continuous hard drive migrations to the cloud

  • A direct library integration with Premiere Pro

  • Real-time comments and low-res proxy video editing

  • Original high-res exports of the final cut

We've removed some of the annoying steps (emails, emails ... and more emails) from the process and given your entire team access to the same media. Our goal is that you never mail a hard drive cross-country again.

Access all of your media from within Premiere

Stop shipping drives. Try a cloud video system for your entire team
Stop shipping drives. Try a cloud video system for your entire team

When all of your visual content — photos, finished videos, snippets, logos, everything — is stored in Air, you can access it anywhere from within Premiere. There's no need to Alt+Tab away and dig through local folders. There's no need to mail 12 TB hard drives from NYC to LA and back again.

It's everything you already love about Air, inside Premiere. Search based on automatic tags and your custom tags. Quick navigation through your familiar board structures. All the visual pieces you need, at your fingertips.

Download custom proxies for lightning-fast editing

Download custom proxies for lightning fast editing
Download custom proxies for lightning fast editing

What's your bandwidth? It's been a long time since standard download speeds were measured in kbps, but even speedy, modern wireless connections take hours to upload and download the GB of video you're working with.

Then, once you've got that video downloaded, there's the matter of RAM. Premiere uses a ton of RAM, especially when you're working with high-res files. Our integration allows you to download and edit low-res proxy files that ask less of your machine. Quickly make necessary edits, then swap in the high-res originals and send the file back into Air.

Streamline feedback and revisions

Centralize feedback and revisions within Premiere
Centralize feedback and revisions within Premiere

A typical post-production process can take weeks, if not months. Editors edit; they send a hard drive to the producers, who might request more edits; they send send it back to the editors, who apply requested changes; back to the producers, who approve and deliver to the client; the client is either happy or requests more changes and the process repeats.

Along the way, there could be dozens of calls, video meetings, text messages, and emails. Now you can get everyone on the same page in your Air workspace. Comment and tag collaborators directly on any given video file. Stack versions together. Speed up the feedback loop.


What operating systems is the extension compatible with?

You can use the Air Premiere Pro integration on both Mac and Windows.

Does the extension work for other tools in the Adobe Creative Suite?

Yes! The Air extension for Adobe also lets you import content into your After Effects projects. Integrations with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are on the way!

I don't have Air Plus or Pro. Can I still download and use Air for Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, you can still use the extension on Air's free plan. Join the waitlist here! Member and storage limits still apply as usual.

Where can I download the extension?

You can join the waitlist to get access to Air's video collaboration system here!

How do I get access to Air's proxy creation for quicker editing?

Low-res proxy downloads are available on our paid plans. Join the waitlist here and chat with our team to get access!

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