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Quarantine Emoji Pack

April 30, 2020 · 1 min read

Emojis are everywhere. We use them to indicate sarcasm after a sassy text, to spice up a message chock full of technical jargon and needless abbreviations, and (maybe most importantly) to react. For those moments when you don't have the energy to write a response, but you need to say something.

Quarantine has affected every aspect of our lives, and we're seeing that not even emojis can get through 2020 unscathed! People aren’t using 🥂 and 😎 nearly as much, and 🦠and 😷 are off the charts. Which got us thinking…

When is anyone using this emoji? 🤝
Or this one? 👠
Remember sports? ⚾️
This one is rude 🏖
In our dreams 💆‍♀️
Literally never 👖
What's the point? 💄

So we created a pack of custom emojis that reflect the current state of things. You're at home. You're living in sweat pants. You're occasionally wearing a mask and gloves. You need an emoji for that.

Emojis set
Emojis set

Adding Emojis to Slack

Instructions on how to add emojis to Slack
Instructions on how to add emojis to Slack

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