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What’s new on Air: Q4 2021 highlights

January 07, 2022 · 2 min read

Our mission is to make the work of organizing, finding, approving, and sharing content easier. It’s to give marketers and creatives back the countless hours they’re forced to waste doing that work in other tools.

Below, find a list of the best-loved updates and features we shipped in Q4 2021.

Is there a feature you wish Air had? Want to know more about any of the updates listed below? Just want to say hello? Get in touch!

  • Kanban view

    • Create kanban boards based on any of your custom field values. It’s project management for your visual content, right where that content already lives.

  • Annotation and timestamp commenting

    • Get precise with your feedback. Leave comments corresponding to specific points in your content (images, videos, and PDFs), and at specific timestamps on your videos.

  • Content collection

    • Collect content and custom metadata from clients and partners with a single link. Make the process easier for your collaborators, and for you.

  • Quick expand boards (x-ray)

    • Expand your board structures with just a click to reveal all assets and find what you need quicker! Also, every board footer has info on the number of assets within and size of a given board.

  • New custom fields

    • Assign due dates, content expiration, and timelines for your assets and projects with the new date type custom fields.

    • Add custom metadata like usage rights and captions to your content with free text custom fields. Makes content collection forms even more powerful.

  • Tag manager

    • Create, rename, merge, delete, or edit tags easily — make changes across your workspace, from one location.

  • Enterprise offerings

    • Custom roles and permissions

    • Domain-specific workplace membership

    • SAML SSO via Okta and many more!

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