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What’s new on Air: Q2 2022 highlights

July 07, 2022 · 3 min read

We're back with a roundup of product highlights from last quarter. Each feature, fix, or enhancement was designed to make the work of finding, approving, and sharing content easier and faster for marketers and creatives.

Here's a recap of everything we released in Q2:

  • Improved guest invite experience 🤝

    • We distinguished the guest invite experience from the member invite experience and added a “paid seat” indicator to any invites that would have an impact on your bill to avoid accidental charges.

  • Saved filters 🧐

    • With saved filters, you can create dynamic content collections that automatically populate with assets matching the parameters you’ve outlined in the filter builder. It’s a highly flexible feature, built so you can spend less time searching and more time working

    • Want to quickly see everything your design team has uploaded in the past week? Create a filter for “Uploaded by: [all design team members]” and “Upload time: [past 7 days],” and voila. There it is in your sidebar menu.

  • Annotations mode 🎨

    • You can now illustrate your ideas with simple drawings or leave point-based comments for precise feedback. Choose between two annotation options: Point-based or pencil.

    • We also added a floating comment box to avoid having to switch between annotations and commenting and made a few commenting panel improvements to offer a more intuitive commenting experience.

  • Notifications on custom field changes 🔔

    • You’ll now get notified when a custom field value has changed on a board a user is following and when a custom field value has changed on an asset in a board that a user is following

  • New custom field display in gallery & kanban views 🗂

    • We gave each custom field its own line below an asset so you can see your custom fields more clearly in gallery and kanban views.

  • Kanban column re-ordering & hiding 🏛

    • In kanban view, columns can now be re-ordered by drag and drop or hidden (and re-shown). After hiding or re-ordering, hit Save view to save your changes to the workspace.

  • Search and sort on kanban view 🔎

    • Searches and sorts can now be applied to a board while in kanban view!

    • Items in hidden columns won’t show up in search results.

    • Items are sorted within columns only (ie, applying a sort doesn’t affect the order of the columns on the page).

  • Emoji Picker 😎

    • You can now add emojis to your comments. Use our new emoji picker to add flare to your feedback.

  • Concurrent uploads for small files 🔄

    • Files can now get uploaded in groups instead of one at a time leading to faster upload speeds.

  • Line breaks in comments 💬

    • Add clarity to longer comments using line breaks. Simply press cmd or ctrl + enter to add a space between lines.

  • Set PDF page as an asset thumbnail 📄

    • Work with lots of PDFs? You can now set a specific page from your PDF document as the thumbnail to represent the asset in your gallery.

  • CDN links for PDFs 🔗

    • We expanded our existing CDN link functionality from photos only to include PDFs. Permissions, paywalls, etc. still work the same way, and this feature can still be found in the ellipsis menu within the asset modal.

Want to see more? Follow all of our releases, improvements, and fixes here.

Is there a feature you wish Air had? Want to know more about any of the updates listed below? Just want to say hello? Get in touch!

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