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What’s new on Air: Q1 2022 highlights

April 13, 2022 · 3 min read

Time flies! Since the start of the year, we've shipped dozens of features, fixes, and improvements — all with the goal of making organizing, approving, and sharing content easier for our growing user base.

Here's a recap of our Q1 highlights:

  • New filters

    • We overhauled our old filter system and introduced several new ways to filter your content on Air! Use our new filter builder to slice-and-dice your workspace to your exact needs or choose fast-filters to find assets quickly based on tags, custom fields, & more.

  • Sorting updates

    • We added several new ways to sort your content across all of your already existing (and carefully curated) metadata!

  • Share link redesign

    • We gave our share links a much-needed makeover. Not only do they look nicer but we made it easier to create, manage, and disable your share links.

  • Expiration dates on share links

    • When you share a board or file with someone, you can now control how long they can see the contents by setting an expiration date on the link when you make it (or even after you’ve already made it). Customers on our Pro and Enterprise plans can add, edit, or remove expiration dates to any board or asset share link.

  • Re-order custom fields

    • You can now decide which custom fields you see first. Simply re-order your custom fields in your workspace settings menu and any changes will be reflected throughout your workspace.

  • PDF thumbnails

    • Work with lots of PDFs? You can now set a specific page from your PDF document as the thumbnail to represent the asset in your gallery.

  • Re-order or hide kanban columns

    • In kanban view, columns can now be re-ordered by drag and drop or hidden (and re-shown). After hiding or re-ordering, hit Save view to save your changes to the workspace.

  • New custom fields display

    • We gave each custom field it’s own line below an asset so you can see your custom fields more clearly in gallery and kanban views.

  • Mobile App PDF functionality

    • Our mobile app now supports scrolling on PDFs

  • See your options when adding assets to additional boards

    • We made it easier (and faster) to add a single asset to multiple boards. See your options, select your boards, hit Add to boards and you’re done.

  • Commenting enhancements

    • Add clarity to longer comments using line breaks. Simply press cmd or ctrl + enter to add a space between lines.

    • Emojis! Use our new emoji picker to add emojis to your comments 🙌

  • Sort options in side navigation

    • Re-arrange the order of your boards in the side nav. Sort by Custom Sort, A to Z, Z to A, Newest, or Oldest!

Want to see more? Follow all of our releases, improvements, and bug fixes here.

Is there a feature you wish Air had? Want to know more about any of the updates listed below? Just want to say hello? Get in touch!

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