Mother's Day Stories Templates

May 07, 2020 · 1 min read

We know what you're thinking: "Happy Mother's Day? Is that this weekend?!" Yes, yes it is. Fortunately for you, we created a bunch of easy-to-use templates for Instagram Stories that you can customize in a pinch.

Turn your IG into a virtual scrapbook for the day! All your mom has ever wanted is for you to accept her friend request, and this Sunday you can show her you really care by throwing her a tag or two on the 'gram. How thoughtful!

Add your family photos to a cute template or test your mom knowledge with one our Mother's Day questionnaires.

Instagram stories template
Instagram stories template
Instagram stories template

IG Stories Copy & Paste Trick

Add multiple pictures from your camera roll to an Instagram story with a very simple trick:

1. Download your favorite Mother's Day templates from Air

An animated gif showing every stories templates.

2. Create a new Instagram story and swipe up to choose a template for the background.

An animated gif showing how to use the template on Instagram.

3. Go to Photos and copy the picture you'd like to add on top of your template

An animated gif showing how to share photos on iOS.

4. Re-open Instagram and paste the image or click "Add Sticker"

An animated gif showing how to add a photo to the Instagram template.

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