Five small updates that make a big difference

March 17, 2021 · 2 min read

What's new on Air?

From public comments to import modal improvements, this month's product update is all about polish. We smoothed off some of the rough edges and beefed up existing features, allowing you to do even more with your content on Air.

Read all about the latest changes:

Public comments

Sometimes you need to collect feedback from folks outside of your in-house team. To do this on Air, turn on "Allow public comments" after you create a share link.

When public commenting is turned on, anyone with access to a share link can view existing discussions and leave feedback. Non-members will be prompted to create an account, but won't have full access to your workspace.

New and improved imports

The floating circle import button is gone! Now you can upload, import, and create boards by clicking the "+ New" button in the top right corner of your workspace.

We also cleaned up the import modal so your team can quickly pull in content from other libraries like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

"But what about users who need to import from more than one account? Our photographer pulls in content from over a dozen different Dropbox libraries."

Easy! Switch accounts between imports and log out when you're done.

PSD previews

PSDs are no longer considered "files" on Air — they're "assets" now!

Previews will render just like the rest of your visual content, so you can see your PSDs without downloading. Your local disk drive will thank us.

Favorite boards and assets

Bring your most frequented content above the fold. Favorited boards and assets are easily accessible from the sidebar and totally unique to every user in the workspace.

Select a favorite by opening the board menu, clicking the star icon next to a board name, or by dragging it up from the sidebar.

We know creative projects change like seasons, so feel free to favorite and unfavorite without remorse.

Download all

Download, all. What more can we say?

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