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Introducing Air

February 26, 2020 · 4 min read


Honestly, I had no idea if we'd ever get here.

Two and a half years ago, I could only imagine Air. When I closed my eyes I could see our roadmap, growing team, and future customers. But in the darkest days, the mornings when I couldn't get out of bed, I would stare at the ceiling and wonder, "Am I wasting my time on a fantasy or are we building toward something special?"

Founders don’t talk about this wayfinding journey enough. Every company begins by addressing a problem and testing their solution. Usually, their first attempt fails, they uncover new problems, re-test solutions, fail again, and repeat this cycle without a guarantee of success. The iterative challenge is debilitating if you let it get under your skin, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't question many of our early decisions. Simply put, nothing matters until you find the right market and customers, and every founder becomes obsessed with this pursuit.

Air's journey is exactly why I'm so excited for today's launch. Over the last 2.5 years we have faced many challenges, but we have found product-market fit and are ready to serve millions of customers around the globe.

Air is the whiteboard for your team's images and videos.

For our fellow product geeks out there: Air is a workspace collaboration tool like Notion or Airtable, but it's built entirely for visual workflows. For the industry pundits in the audience: Air is a self-service Digital Asset Management system that uses a bottom-up product motion to land and expand enterprise customers. Ya... let's just stick with a "whiteboard."

Today, 95% of our customers migrate from Dropbox and Google Drive. They're brand marketing managers, content coordinators, or social media managers who work in consumer products, goods and services, sports, media, retail, and hospitality. Switching from cloud storage happens in seconds, centralizing teams' images and videos into an all-in-one workspace. Smart search, image recognition, and color filters bring order to the chaos instantly. Need assets for a deck? Collecting content from a photographer? Sending videos to a vendor? Previously this would have taken hours of searching, uploading, downloading, and transferring, but on Air these tasks are automated and simplified, allowing users to focus on the work that matters.

For most teams, Air is the first piece of media infrastructure that their company purchases. Over time, new members are added from marketing, sales, partnerships, and operations until the entire company is collaborating with the visual assets that drive their business. This is important because modern brands operate like media companies: They prioritize creative, push themselves to tell stories, and constantly develop content. A lot of content. Until now, there wasn't a product to support these new creative demands and the challenge fell solely on junior members of the marketing department.

Please send Chrissy my direct email (shane@air.inc).

We want your feedback and insights!

Since launching our closed pilot 6 months ago, Air has grown to support +5M digital assets for +100 brand-forward businesses around the globe. Our early customers have been an amazing source of feedback and we're excited to expand this community with today's launch.

We'd love for you to join our waitlist and check out the product! There's not an ounce of pretension in our decision to create a waitlist. Our goal is purely to establish a personal relationship with you— to continue listening, optimizing, and improving the product based on your experiences. We're obsessed with building a world-class product and we plan to remove the waitlist entirely before the end of the year.

A picture with 3 arms. The first arm has a thumbs up with the "Creative reviews" label. The second arm is holding a stack of card with the "Asset management" label. The third arm is pointing to the right with the "Project management" label.

Today is just the beginning.

When Tyler and I left our jobs to start Air, we did so with a simple thesis: We believed media-specific infrastructure could unlock creativity. Cloud storage wasn't built for media collaboration. Dropbox and Google Drive don't support visual workflows.

Our thesis then grew into a company. In our pursuit, we explored various markets (consumerprosumerSMBs, and enterprise), and have finally arrived here today. As we work to improve our home for the creative process we will continue to listen, fail, and learn.

I feel blessed to introduce you to life on Air. This moment would not have been possible without our family of friends, customers, investors, and advisers. It is through this support system that we continue to push forward.

Welcome to Air. It's honest, fun, quirky, and just seconds away.

Talk soon,

A picture of Shane and Tyler posing in the office.
A picture of Air's office front door with illustrative noodles drawn on top of it.

Come visit! I promise there will be chic coffee, tasty pizza, and artisanal beer waiting for you on the majestic shores of the Gowanus Canal.

Shane Hegde
CEO and Co-Founder at Air

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