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April 24, 2020 · 1 min read

Discover the day, daily

Has breaking the societal routine made you start to wonder if time is a flat circle that our limited perception forces us to experience linearly? Let Calendazed help you place your feet firmly in a fixed position of time so you can stop worrying about why (or when) you’re here, and go back to doing what matters: working from home!

Message box with texts of current day

Know What Day It Is Instead of Not Know What Day It Is

Just because time doesn’t mean anything doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like it means something to you. Calendazed can help you recapture the feeling of existential dread on Sunday night, or remind you that it’s actually Wednesday, and not Thursday like you thought it was for a few minutes this morning.

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Normalize Workplace Banter From Home

Now that the excitement of peering into your co-worker’s living spaces is dead, Calendazed can help you return to normal workplace banter.


Boost Your Confidence

You may be new to remote life, which could have you feeling a little unsure about your routine. With Calendazed, you know you can be sure about one thing every day. And that one thing a day that you’re sure of, is that you’re sure of what day it is.

Feel Purposeful Again

Are you the type of employee who craves the ability to check something off of a list?

You’re welcome.

Image of todo list
Image of todo list

Competitor Analysis

List comparison
List comparison

User Testimonials

User Testimonials
User Testimonials

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