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August 2021 product update

August 12, 2021 · 2 min read

What's new on Air?

Two themes define our updates this month: custom fields and performance enhancements. Custom fields are now part of the experience for configurable views, boards, and public boards. Also, enjoy a faster and smoother-than-ever experience throughout the platform.

Read on for the details.

Performance updates 💪

We dedicated much of this past month to fine-tuning the existing Air experience, culminating in three key performance updates.

  1. 30% increase in navigation speed: For example, going from one board to another, or switching from the search page to a board page.

  2. Selecting and dragging items in gallery view: Item selection is now more responsive and you're able to drag more items around at once with less lag.

  3. Faster search: Search suggestions now load faster as you type in the search bar, and results load faster once you trigger the search. This is particularly good news for users with many thousands of assets in their workspace.

This allows you create focused, structured workflows. Use custom fields to track approval, rating, and other project management categories. See these fields attached to assets in gallery view and organize your assets in a way that makes sense for you and your collaborators. Toggle columns on and off in table view to see the custom values that apply to your board.

Custom fields applied to boards

Custom fields are no longer just for assets! Click the "Edit fields" button in any board's header to open the "Create fields" menu, then add or change values as you see fit. This makes it easier to organize and search for your boards.

Custom fields on boards .gif
Custom fields on boards .gif

See and edit custom fields on public boards

Exactly what it sounds like. Share a public board with your collaborators and include custom fields for items like ratings, approvals, and project progress. Get the input you need from your collaborators while keeping your assets organized.

Custom fields on public boards
Custom fields on public boards

Coming soon:

  • Kanban boards

  • One-way sync with cloud storage platforms

  • Adobe Premiere Pro integration

  • Downloads & CDN links in different formats & resolutions than the original upload

  • Multi-select custom fields

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