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How Air supports remote work

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What a time.

Many of us share similar stories. We spent our first few days apart establishing new routines and settling into remote life.

How and when do we check in with each other?
How can we maintain a sense of connection?
How can we better support our existing and future customers?

Over the past week, a couple things became clear:

  1. We need to focus on moments of connection and collaboration

    . Without the opportunities to chat over coffee or bump into each other on the way to lunch, it's more important than ever for our workplace tools to enable natural discovery and conversation.

  2. We want our team and our product to be a resource

    . We believe Air is a great platform for distributed teams, but our goal is to find the right tools for you during these uncertain times. Send us a message to if you want to chat about cloud collaboration.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our remote features and how to get started.

Work creatively, anywhere.

Accessible for everyone

Leave comments and alert team members. Brainstorming, ideation, and copywriting is more collaborative and efficient when it can happen alongside the visual content itself.

A picture of Air's asset modal.

Support your external partners

Share boards with non-members and allow guests to upload directly into your workspace, eliminating the need to email zip files or add unnecessary seats.

A picture of Air's share board modal.

Stay in the know

Dashboard view showcases recent uploads, board activity, and frequently used smart tags and labels. Now your team can see what's happening in real time, promoting transparency and spontaneous creativity.

A picture of Air's dashboard.

Available on mobile

Install Air on iOS and Android. Take pictures and record video directly from your phone to save time and storage on your personal device.

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Shane Hegde
CEO and Co-Founder at Air

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