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This is not a story, it’s a solution: Air for Enterprise

May 30, 2023 · 4 min read

By Eric Magne, Revenue Lead

Air for Enterprise is the ability to meet customers where they are. It’s our ability to say ‘yes.’ 

Today over 1,500 companies use Air every day. They come to us with unique workflows and challenges that Air helps automate and support.

They don’t want to boil the ocean, they just want to solve their pain points in a way that integrates quickly and easily into their existing workflow. 

Air for Enterprise allows them to do that. There are two major new features that unlock this:

1. Libraries

A new way to control access to your assets. Libraries gives organizations the ability to create architectures of people, privacy, and rights within their Air workspaces — replicating the architectures they already have in place in tools like Slack and Salesforce.

There’s a reason people use private Slack channels and direct messages. When you’re ideating, you don’t want the entire company looking over your shoulder. Libraries now gives that control to Air Enterprise users — that’s incredibly powerful. Create protected archives and WIP content sandboxes while ensuring everyone maintains access to frequently-used brand assets, all in the same workspace

2. Public API

Collapse the distance between Air and your other crucial tools; where you work, Air works. Air’s customers can now trust that what’s in one place will be in another, through the power of our integrations. No more looping games of telephone.

Air’s Enterprise user is now able to seamlessly integrate any and all assets that live in their Air workspace into Asana, Monday, Jira, and wherever they work.

The other thing this enables is the ability to scale workflows. We can now partner with out customers to, for example, train a custom AI model that connects to your Air workspace. Ours is not a siloed tool that leads to duplicative efforts. Air can be as complex or as simple as you want — and that’s a game-changer.

Google Drive on Steroids

Google Drive is an experience you have in your Finder. There’s only one thing Google Drive did that was transformational: bring things out of drives and folders on your desktop and put them into the cloud. With Air, that was simply our starting point. That table-stakes ability is the foundation upon which we’ve built a series of features that give creative and marketing teams the leverage to reach their full capabilities.

People need to be able to add statuses and tags to a given image or PDF — they need to align their assets with current projects or sprints. In Air, they can. And it all becomes searchable. If you want to pull up everything that has to do with “Fall 2023,” just search “Fall 2023” and it pulls up the PDFs, images and videos you’ve tagged. 

Even better, users can create saved filters to automatically group asset both as they’re added to the workspace, and as their tags and metadata are changed. So if you want to keep track of all “Fall 2023” video files uploaded by your colleague Carly Smith, you can do that. Automatically. That’s a huge step forward.

Companies need to bring all their assets together under a select group of folders like they used to on desktop or in Google Drive, but they also want to have capabilities beyond that. They need automation, they need AI-assisted taxonomy. They want to be able to see who is responsible for the asset and its status. 

In Google Drive, if you’re using an asset across multiple projects, you have to duplicate the asset and move it to different folders. You have to know where it lives, how long it was approved for, and who approved it, etc. If a new version comes into the picture, you have to find every last folder where versions of it live, then replace them all so nobody accidentally uses the outdated asset. Not so in Air — one asset can live in as many places as you like, without duplication.

There are so many different workflows and capabilities Air offers that are not only dynamic but also customizable to your team’s unique way of working. It goes back to meeting you where you are. After all, we’re in the relationship business. World-class customer service makes a difference, no matter how good the product is.

Everyone has a different language in how they work. With Air for Enterprise, we’re now fluent in whatever that language may be, right alongside you.

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