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Vivian Health has rapidly grown as the largest transparent marketplace for healthcare hiring. Their mission is to empower every healthcare professional to find their perfect job opportunity, faster and easier than ever before. To thrive as they expanded, the team at Vivian needed an innovative solution to manage their brand assets efficiently and enhance collaboration. In this case study, we meet Vivian Health's Art Director, Rishad Amarkhel, who shares his insights into their growth, thanks to their partnership with Air, their creative operations platform.
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Now Hiring: A Creative Ops System

The team at Vivian started small, but their success quickly outgrew the tools they were using. "Before Air, we were using Google Drive for our creative content. It made sense when we were a smaller company, but as we grew and began working with external agencies, we faced limitations with Google Drive." As Vivian Health expanded, its reliance on Google Drive presented challenges. Cumbersome permission settings and an unintuitive user interface hindered their creative processes. "So, we began our search for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. We looked into several options like Brandfolder and Bynder, but Air stood out. It offered a different approach as a creative operations platform." In their search for a solution, Vivian Health explored various DAM systems but found an answer offering much more than that. Among the contenders, Air's unique approach as a creative operations platform captured their attention. It was more than just a repository but offered time-saving ease of use and an all-in-one collaborative tool.

Finding Efficiency in Collaboration

"One of the standout features of Air is its centralized asset management. It became our single source of truth for brand assets, from logos to product imagery and brand guidelines."
Rishad Amarkhel
Art Director, Vivian Health

Air's robust platform played a pivotal role in Vivian Health's brand management, providing a centralized hub that consolidated all its visual design elements. By serving as the single source of truth for brand assets, including logos, product imagery, and brand guidelines, Air ensured consistency and streamlined access to these essential elements across the organization. This centralized approach not only saved time and effort but also enhanced brand integrity and cohesion.

"Air empowered our marketing team. They could create boards and share assets with external agencies independently. It eliminated the hassle of permissions and made our marketing operations more efficient."
Rishad Amarkhel
Art Director, Vivian Health
Air's user-friendly interface and efficient sharing capabilities revolutionized the way Vivian Health's marketing team collaborated. With Air, they gained the independence to create boards and share assets with external agencies seamlessly, without the need for constant permission requests. This newfound freedom eliminated the hassle and delays associated with managing permissions, enabling the marketing team to operate more efficiently. By streamlining the sharing process, Air facilitated quicker decision-making, accelerated campaign timelines, and enhanced overall productivity within marketing operations.

The Sales Process and Integration

After engaging in a sales call with Paige, a representative from Air, Vivian Health gained a comprehensive understanding of the benefits that Air could offer. Paige took the time to provide a customized demonstration that addressed their specific needs, leaving Vivian Health feeling reassured about the potential of Air.

"Air seamlessly integrated into our workflow. The design team would create boards for each project, and this streamlined asset distribution to the marketing team and other stakeholders."
Rishad Amarkhel
Art Director, Vivian Health
By seamlessly integrating Air into its existing workflow, Vivian Health experienced a remarkable improvement in its efficiency and productivity. The design team's ability to create project-specific boards within Air and share them with customized access permissions significantly enhanced the distribution process of assets, benefitting not only the marketing team but also other important stakeholders involved in their projects.

Empowering Innovation

The impact of Air goes beyond just efficiency. It has brought about significant qualitative improvements, fostering better collaboration and empowerment among team members at Vivian Health. Vivian Health's partnership with Air has not only streamlined its brand management but also enhanced its collaborative capabilities. It's a testament to how finding innovative solutions can drive success in the ever-evolving healthcare jobs marketplace. When it comes to the design and brand management field, Rishad Amarkhel wholeheartedly recommends Air to his peers. He highlights the importance of considering their specific needs, team size, and goals. If Air aligns with these challenges, it proves to be an excellent solution for addressing brand management and collaboration obstacles.

"I would definitely recommend Air to my peers in the design and brand management field. If it aligns with their challenges, it's a great solution."
Rishad Amarkhel
Art Director, Vivian Health

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