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Moving Culture Forward
TOGETHXR, a media and commerce company founded by world-renowned athletes Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, and Sue Bird, has become a hub where culture, activism, lifestyle, and sports converge. The platform challenges narrow depictions of women in media, showcasing a diverse and inclusive community of game changers, culture shapers, thought leaders, and barrier breakers. To streamline their creative processes, TOGETHXR transitioned from using multiple platforms to adopting Air as their primary tool for creative workflows. We spoke with Hayley Lane, Art Director, about her experience.
Use cases
User-generated content, influencers, tagging, content collection, sharing, search, organization, visibility, access, paid social, organic social, video

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Before TOGETHXR was introduced to Air, they faced challenges with content sprawled across various platforms. This scattered approach led to inefficiencies in file management, version control, and collaboration. The team decided to reassess their tools and sought a solution that would provide a unified platform for creative asset management and project collaboration.

"Everything was sprawled out everywhere, and it just got chaotic with us creating content at a rapid pace. Our social team didn't know which file was final."
Hayley Lane
Art Director, TOGETHXR

Getting in the Game

"Onboarding was a breeze," Hayley mused. "Air had integrations set up that transferred all files easily. The system to get it over was spot on... It was easier for everyone in the long run to get organized." The transition to Air involved onboarding five team members, with the inclusion of freelancers and other guests as needed. Air became TOGETHXR's central hub for asset storage and sharing as their main use cases.

"It combines both worlds — we can have everything all in one platform."
Hayley Lane
Art Director, TOGETHXR

Visual Appeal

TOGETHXR's digital expert, Lauralynn, recommended Air as a potential solution after hearing from other creative teams that had found success using it. The team immediately appreciated the visual nature of Air and its ability to serve as a single source of truth. "It's super easy to duplicate boards, move them around, and see the actual assets you're looking at," Hayley said. With TOGETHXR operating on a fully remote basis, the platform's interface, mirroring the familiarity of Finder on Mac, appealed to the team.

"Air has made the graphic design team's life easier, especially with us being fully remote. This visual server has been so helpful in searching for graphic templates, files, and images."
Hayley Lane
Art Director, TOGETHXR

Support, Feedback, and the Future of Air

After experiencing an issue with video commenting, the team was led through troubleshooting with their Customer Success Manager, Sarah. Despite encountering some initial challenges, TOGETHXR found Air's support system to be exceptional. Regular check-ins with Sarah and prompt responses to raised issues demonstrate a commitment to resolving any concerns and enhancing their experience. "Air is one of the only platforms where we have someone that's actually checking in with us on how we're using it," Hayley shared. "We enjoy growing with you and we do feel like our feedback is heard." Hayley emphasized her satisfaction with Air's visual platform, emphasizing its potential to be unmatched in the industry once minor issues, especially related to video feedback, are addressed.

"Everyone will want to use it."
Hayley Lane
Art Director, TOGETHXR

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